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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 163 An Unsuccessful Escape Attempt

Chapter 163 An Unsuccessful Escape Attempt

**Rosalie’s POV

Although I hadn’t been planning on fleeing my makeshift prison during the battle, when Seraphine and Soren showed up to help facilitate my rescue, I knew they were right. It was time for Rowan and me to go.

But that didn’t make it any easier to actually get my feet moving and head out of the tent.

Not only was it dangerous to take the baby out there where the battle was raging on, but I’d also made Ethan a promise, and now! was breaking it. Just because Ethan lied to me before didn’t mean that it was okay for me to turn around and do the same thing to him.

However, I needed to think about what was best for me and Rowan at the moment, and that meant I needed to go while we had the opportunity.

I followed Seraphine through the woods, Rowan nestled in my arms. I didn’t have a baby carrier for him this time, so I had to make due with carrying the squirmy baby in my arms. At least he was quiet. That last thing we needed was for him to start crying and give away our location.

“We just needed to get out of the camp. Once we’re in the woods, we have friends who can help us hide our scents,” Soren


“Friends?” | raised an eyebrow.

He shrugged, “New friends. Not rogues. Not someone from our past. I promise.”

I didn’t mean to pry to begin with, and this wasn’t the time for it either. I nodded and focused back on our escape.

Seraphine was good at leading us through the forest, taking different routes to stay away from the wolves that were all around us. Most of them were too busy fighting to be paying close attention to us, especially when they couldn’t smell us easily from afar.

The deeper into the woods we ran, the more dangerous the situation became as the fight had spread all around, and it didn’t seem like there was any way to get around it. We would have to find a way to thread our way through and hope that we could slip past without anyone detecting us.

I followed Seraphine around a large shrub between two pine trees, jostling Rowan as I ran. Seraphine slowed up quickly, and I almost ran into the back of her.


Peering over her shoulder, I saw the reason why she had stopped. Two large gray wolves were facing off in the clearing just in

g on the ground at the moment, one on top of the other, the two of them snarling as one tried desperately to get to the other’s neck and the one on the bottom did his best to try and fight the other one off in order to save his own life,

The scent of blood filled the air as the one on top finally managed to find a way to clamp down on the other male’s neck. The dying wolf yelped and yipped for a moment, frantic high-pitched sounds coming from his mouth before he died and went still.

Leaving the other wolf unoccupied.

If he gave the air a good sniff, he’d no doubt realize he wasn’t alone and three adult humans were huddling nearby with a bite sized morsel between them.

“Get ready to shift,” Soren whispered to Seraphine.copy right hot novel pub

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