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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 164 Ethan’s Rage

Chapter 164 Ethan’s Rage

**Rosalie’s POV

The way that Ethan was growling at us, I had assumed he was still in his wolf form, but when I turned to look at him, it was the human Ethan’s eyes I was looking into.

Shirtless with only a small pair of tattered shorts covering him, he glared at me, his hands in fists.

At the moment, it was difficult to tell the difference between the man and his beast.

“What the f*ck are you doing, Rosalie?” he shouted at me, coming at me slowly, which was surprising. I didn’t know why he didn’t shoot right past me and go after Rowan. Wouldn’t it be the baby he was really after?

“I’m doing whatever the hill I want to,” I shot back immediately and tried my best to keep his attention on me. “Who do you think you are to tell me what I can and cannot do, Ethan?”

He had narrowed the distance between us so that he was only a few feet away.

I needed to make sure Seraphine and Soren had time to get out of here so that Ethan couldn’t get my baby.

I listened to the sound of them running through the woods behind me, the thunk of their wolf paws getting quieter and quieter as they got further away.

Even though I realized I was sacrificing my freedom, I needed Rowan to be safe, and that meant he needed to be in the north, with our pack, not here, locked in a heavily guarded tent in the middle of a battlefield.

“You promised me!” Ethan growled, his teeth locked together in a grimace. “I trusted you, Rosalie! You said you wouldn’t leave without telling me goodbye!”

“And I haven’t!” I argued, even though the only reason I was still there was because he had caught me. “Goodbye, Ethan!” I said and turned to go, as if that ws the only reason I hadn’t left with the others.

I wasn’t surprised at all when his fingers wrapped around my arm and tugged me back. It didn’t hurt, but it was forceful.

“You’re not f*cking going anywhere, Rosalie!” he said. “You f*cking lied to me! You were planning to sneak out from me again, and you know it!”

I wrenched my arm out of his grip. “You have the audacity to stand there and yell at me for lying to you, Ethan? Seriously? After all of the lies you’ve said to me? You don’t get to talk to me about breaking promises! I would’ve said whatever was necessary to get you to leave me the hell alone!”

His crimson eyes were so red that it almost seemed like they would start to drip blood. He further narrowed them until they were only slits. He was seething, his nostrils flaring as he drew in deep breaths. “Just wake the f*ck up, Rosalie!” he said. “You think that you’re the queen now so you can do what you want, but you will always belong to me, do you understand?!”

“I don’t belong to you, Ethan! I don’t belong to anyone!” | yelled at him. Anger was beginning to boil up in me, too, now. Who the heck did he think he was? What did I have to do to prove to him that I was an individual, a person, who wasn’t owned or controlled on the property of anyone?

” You will always belong to me!” he said again. “And now, you’ve let my f*cking a*shole half-brother take our baby? Are you insane? Have you f*cking lost your mind?!”

Your brother will take care of my son!” | emphasized the word “my” as I yelled back.copy right hot novel pub

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