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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 166 Crisis Was Brewing

Chapter 166 Crisis Was Brewing

#Soren’s POV

I never in a million years thought I would receive the looks of respect from the Winter Forest pack around me, but when I stepped back into their territory again, I was welcomed like a hero.

They trusted me because I protected Rowan, bringing the heir to the kingdom back to his people.

However, I turned down the invitation to move to the palace. Instead, I insisted on returning to my cottage every night, even if I spent the day with Rowan in the palace. The cottage reminded me of my time with Rosalie back on the islands, and every time I closed my eyes, I could see her smiling face.

It broke my heart when I had to escape without her, leaving her back with my half-brother, a wolf who was losing his mind.

But at the end of the day, at least I was able to get Rowan away. I was able to bring him back to Rosalie’s people, as Rosalie requested. Now, I just needed to work with the pack to bring Rosalie back-if that was at all possible.

It had been two weeks since we got back, and every moment without Rosalie was agonizing.

“Soren,” Cerina greeted me upon my arrival at the door outside of the conference room, “you’re here. Let us speak with the council to see what can be done.”

As Cerina’s words ended, the double doors to the council’s chambers opened, and I stepped within to face the masses.

Eyes fell upon me, and all hushed murmurs came to an end.

Thad done wrong to their queen in the past. However, now I stood by their side because I had brought the heir to the throne home.

Cerina gestured for me to take a seat. “Welcome, everyone,” she said loudly as she addressed the people. “There are a few things that need to be discussed. One of course being our queen.”

Murmurs once again erupted as angry and worried voices filled the hall.

“We’ll fight for our queen. We need her back at all costs!” one person shouted out.

“We have seen with the small battles that many of our warriors are hurt. We have been able to hold them off this far with Her Majesty being gone, but we can’t continue to do so,” another person said; many others agreed.

Seraphine waited until the hall was a bit quieter and asked, “I understand that we all want to save her, however, while we were able to rescue the prince, it’ll be even more difficult to approach Her Majesty again, now that the Rogue King has lost his son.”

Someone in the crowd immediately retorted, “Are you saying we should just abandon our queen?”

“We have strong troops and warriors. We’re not afraid of the Rogue King!” another followed.

I sighed inwardly. Those who were the loudest obviously hadn’t faced Ethan directly on the battlefield before. Had they seen Ethan and his men before, they would know to never underestimate the Alpha of Drogomor- or the Rogue King.

Regardless of whether Ethan had lost his sanity or not, he was the best warrior I’d ever seen. Or rather, since he’d turned rogue, he had become a more terrifying killing machine.

Seraphine shook her head and tried to explain. “No, I’m saying we should have a solid plan.”


“General,” Cerina interrupted, pressing down the murmuring, and turning to General Vandough, “What do you think?”

He pondered for a moment and stated honestly, “We have just gone through a big fight not long ago, and our troops need time to recover At this moment, we are no match for the Rogue King.”

Someone immediately shouted out, “That’s the point! Our queen can help us to heal the wounded.”

That’s night with the queen’s blood, our army is not defeatable!”

We want our queen back!” someone demanded with a firm tone as he smacked his hand upon the table

I frowned.copy right hot novel pub

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