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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 167 Try To Talk Sense Into Him

Chapter 167 Try To Talk Sense Into Him

*Georgia’s POV

“I can’t believe that worked,” I mumbled to myself, knowing that it was pure dumb luck Seraphine and Soren were able to get away with Rowan

Had Rosalie not sacrificed her own freedom for the others, I had no doubt Ethan would have killed Seraphine and Soren by the simple way he was acting towards Rosalie.

He had lost his mind for the last time, and even though he was my brother…

I had no remorse for him about how Rosalie treated him.

He had it coming.

Stepping through the brush, I came upon the area Rosalie and Ethan were arguing in. I was forced to watch a small piece of the conflict between Rosalie and Ethan, and as I had, I felt pure fear flood through me, unsure of whether I should help her.

The anger that seeped off her, though, was like nothing I had ever felt before. It didn’t matter what crap Ethan gave her… she gave it right back.

It was as if the moment she got her wolf, something new woke up from deep inside her. A powerful force awakened from years of slumber ready to take on anything thrown its way.

Deciding not to intervene, I disappeared into the shadows of the trees. I made myself scarce. The last thing I wanted to do was be present when Ethan completely lost his senses.

I didn’t want him to see me witnessing the moment they were having.

It would only anger him further, and there would be a chance he wouldn’t hold back on punishing me. I figured I liked my life way too much to let that happen, so I stayed out of it while providing a little help to my other brother and Seraphine.

Seeing Soren again was something I hadn’t expected for so long, and yet him coming back left a warm feeling in my heart. To know that after all these years, he was okay.

It was a relief, but at the same time, I was also angry that he was away for so many years and never had reached out to me.

It would take time, but I knew that in a day or two I would get word of their safe arrival. Until then, I would have to have faith that Soren would protect Rowan, no matter the cost.

I sighed, my two brothers just needed to figure their sh*t out.

Making my way into camp, I thought about everything that had happened. I had long believed that Ethan’s way of handling things in his relationship with Rosalie was unhealthy.

She deserved better, no matter how much I loved my half brother. So did Rowan.


It had been a few days since the incident with Ethan, and his attitude hadn’t changed. He was still the same devil that he had become since Rowan left.

And his reign of terror had no boundaries.

“Georgia!” Paul called from outside my open tent, catching my attention. Turning to face Paul, I caught a glimpse of his fist as if he was holding something in it, and my eyes lit up.

“Is that-” | said, breathlessly, with a smile.

Stepping forward, Paul handed me a rolled up note and sighed, “If Alpha finds out I am bringing you your messages from outside the camp, he is going to have my head.”

willing my eyes, I smiled. “Stop worrying. Now go, before someone sees you. Tell Vicky I said thanks.”

Pomoded has head, bowing slightly as he turned and quickly left my tent.

Opening the note, I let my eyes scan over Seraphine’s writing and I extracted three pleqes of key information

First, they had gotten back to the palace, which was great news.

Second, however, Rosalie’s people were coming for her, and that was something Ethan wouldn’t be happy about

Before Rowan’s escape, Rosalie’s people couldn’t identify our exact camp location as we kept moving. But now, due to the increased injuries and expanded territories from the recent battles and operations, it was no longer possible for us to hide such a large group without traces.

But at least we all knew this would happen sooner or later. Nothing surprising.

The third news, however, was bad.copy right hot novel pub

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