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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 168: Still A Prisoner

Chapter 168: Still A Prisoner

**Rosalie’s POV

Without my baby nearby, without being able to communicate to anyone, and without being able to do anything, the world seemed to be slowly slipping away from me.

It didn’t matter that I was a queen now, nor did it matter that I had this magical blood that could cure people. I was beginning to feel completely alone, and hopeless.

Most of the time, I’d sit in my tent and stare at the wall, and I started to question whether everything that happened was real, or was it all just a long nightmare?

Except for occasionally, I’d get the idea that someone was watching me. Whether it was through the two small windows on either side of the tent or some other smaller hole I was unsure of, but I would get goosebumps on my arms, and the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up under the weight of unseen eyes.

That was the only feeling that reminded me that I was alive.


It reminded me a lot of how I had felt back on the islands when Ethan had first arrived. I hadn’t known it at the time, but he was standing outside in the garden near the cottage Soren had let me live in, his eyes, watching me through the open window.

Was that what I was experiencing now? Was Ethan watching me?

I shook my head; it really didn’t matter. I longed to see my son, my friends, my pack, or even face my enemies. The only person 1 didn’t want to have any contact with was Ethan.

The battle, killing, and blood were slowly eating away his heart, and he was less and less of the person that I fell in love with a long time ago.

With his soul dissipated, his strength grew. Maybe one day, he would become the true Rogue King. To me, however, it would be the same. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Only in my dreams did I see hope.

I dreamed of my people coming into Ethan’s camp and confronting him so that I could be released to them.

I dreamed of being with Rowan, holding him, kissing him, and rocking him to sleep. He would reach out to me with giggles, showing me how much he’d missed me.

I started to talk myself into sleeping more and more because life was way better while I was asleep than awake. So I laid down again, praying to the Moon Goddess that she’d bless me with dreams that could rescue me from my desperation.

Soon, I drifted off. Then I smiled at the sight of Rowan. We were in a meadow together, and he was a little older. He was picking white wildflowers and making a daisy chain. I walked closer to watch what he was doing, and realized that he was creating a crown for my head.

One that looked exactly the same as the one his father had given me on my birthday!

He gave it to me and ran away laughing, but my heart sank as the crown dropped from my hand and fell on a pool of blood…

My eyes snapped open with my heart thumping and my heartbeat pounding against my eardrum.

“Shh… it’s okay, it’s okay,” I heard a low voice whisper in the dark, and a large hand caressed my face.

I jerked away as soon as I realized who it was and demanded, “Get away from me!”

Why did he have to plague me so? Not only was I a prisoner in his horrible camp, but now, he’d turned my beautiful dream into a nightmare!

Helit a lamp to give me some light. I could see his face. He seemed to be worried and… hurt?

However, he didn’t say anything, and he didn’t move. I couldn’t tell what was going through his mind, and I really didn’t want to know

suured æl his face for a few moments. All of a sudden. I just couldn’t control my sadness. A surge of warmth rushed into my YAS.

and I couldn’t help but ask in a quivering voice, “How long are you going to keep me as your prisoner here?”

I didn’t know why I even tried to ask. He never gave me a satisfactory answer anyway.

His face sank. Soon, anger replaced whatever little concern or sadness was left on his face.

“Forever!” he roared. Seemingly irritated by my question, he added, “And do NOT try me again!”

His unusually loud voice startled my already unstable nerves, and I could no longer keep my tears from falling.

Thated to show him my weakness, so I took a deep breath to calm myself. Now that I was fully awake and alert, I wiped off my tears, pulled myself together and turned my back towards him. There was no point continuing the conversation.

However, he wasn’t done with me.copy right hot novel pub

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