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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 169 Talon’s Punishment

Chapter 169 Talon’s Punishment

**Ethan’s POV

‘Alpha, the battle is over.” Talon reported.

We were attacked again, but my men fought hard, and the border of my territory expanded.

This time, I had a feeling we weren’t just fighting against a group of rogues. We also encountered well-trained military forces. It might have been James’s men, but my instincts told me there were also other forces out there. Someone more dangerous.

Nevertheless, it didn’t matter because all wolves looked the same to me-especially the dead ones.

The battle waged through an abandoned village near our camp, and as Georgia and I chased the remaining wolves through town, Talon, who was back on the other side of the village, reported our victory,

Talon, take those captives over into the woods and dispatch them,’ I told him, catching up to a wolf that was running with a small bag in his mouth. I knocked him onto the ground and tore out his throat in one fluid motion, leaving him reflexively jerking as the bag fell from his mouth.

Georgia jumped off my back and whistled. She picked up the bag on the ground and asked curiously, “What was so important that he’d tried to run away with it?”

‘Alpha,’ Talon said back, using the mindlink, ‘it’s against the warriors’ code for us to take their lives.’

A wave of irritation washed over me. Who did my Beta think he was, trying to tell me what was and was not acceptable?

‘Talon, I gave you an order,’ I reiterated.

‘I understand, sir,’ he replied. ‘But some of these prisoners may be King James’s men, if they catch wind of it.’

‘And?’ I asked him. ‘Talon, do as I say, now!’

First, all I knew was they were mingled amongst rogues, so they shouldn’t be treated differently from rogues. Second, they should’ ve known their fate when they chose to attack me first,

I had no patience to debate with Talon, so I cut the mindlink off. He knew what had been asked of him.

“Everything okay?” Georgia asked me, breathing heavily from the run.

| nodded. ‘Everything is fine. Or else it better be.

Georgia had opened the bag. It was filled with jewelry. Valuable loot like this wasn’t commonly seen, but I had little interest.

However, before I turned to walk away, a pearl necklace caught my attention.

“We should figure out where he took this from and give it back,” Georgia noted.

| sneered

“What?” She was puzzled at my reaction.

Talon, Georgia, or others… they still thought they were heroes to bring justice? We were f*cking rogues, no different than the other savages that we had just killed.

‘If you and Talon don’t want to live and act like rogues, then why don’t you just f*cking go back to Mirage?’

Georgia was beyond confused and shocked at my snarky comment, “Ethan, what the f*ck is wrong with you?”

Why was everyone questioning me today?

I narrowed my eyes at her. ‘Stop trying to tell me what to do, Georgia, or you’ll find yourself in the sort of trouble you don’t need or want’

She opened her mouth a bit, like she wanted to speak, but she couldn’t.

I picked the white pearl necklace up with my mouth and told her, ‘Do whatever the f*ck you want with the rest.’

1 trorted off back toward our camp. It was a long way from there since we had claimed more territory.

I needed to have full tontrol of the northern tier. I needed my territory expanded, and I needed more rogues to join us, because Rosalie was here and my son was further north. Anyone who wanted to get to them needed to first be able to get through me.

My forces were much larger now than they had been when I’d first arrived here, even with our loss of numbers on the battlefield, and I had far more wolves and land than I’d had to begin with.

None of that mattered, though, when the one thing I wanted… was so distant from me.

I made it back to camp and went into my tent to shift into my human form and get dressed. I examined the necklace.copy right hot novel pub

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