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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 171 Ethan Needed Help

Chapter 171 Ethan Needed Help

**Georgia’s POV

My jack*ss brother forbade any of us from talking to Rosalie, but he couldn’t forbid me from walking past her tent from time 10 time. Ilonged to go in, but I didn’t want to anger the Rogue King any more than he already was.

I was on my way to speak to Vicky, mostly just to vent since she had no answers either, when I saw a young girl stopping outside of Rosalie’s tent. I looked closely to see what she was doing and noticed she had a bouquet of flowers in her hand, and it looked like she was praying.

When she was done, she placed the flowers by the tent and turned to walk away

“Excuse me,” I said, running up to her. “What’s this for?”

Her eyes widened slightly, as if she thought she was in trouble. I forced a smile to my face, which felt unnatural, given my emotional state, but she relaxed a bit. “I was bringing flowers to the wonderful woman in the tent,” she explained. “I’m not allowed to go in, but I wanted to thank her for her kindness.”

“What did she do?” I asked. I had no doubt Rosalie was kind, but I was obviously missing something.

“My mate was one of the men the Rogue King had ordered to be put to death, but was spared by Beta Talon. When I went to thank Beta Talon for his kindness, he said it wasn’t him who was able to change the Rogue King’s mind. It was the lady in the tent.”

I didn’t know the word was already out about Rosalie. I heard her continue, “I also heard that the reason a few others were spared from their poor performances a couple weeks ago was also because of her. So many of us wanted to do at least something for her. It’s almost as if the Rogue King has the Moon Goddess locked up in there.“

I almost laughed, but then, I thought… she had a point. “That’s cool,” I said with a nod, “Yeah, she’s pretty great.”

“I wish she could… come out where we could thank her in person.” The girl looked back over her shoulder at the tent

“Me, too,” I told her. I gave her another smile and then bid her good day. As I walked by the guards, I saw one that I knew had been wounded horribly in battle just the day before. I was surprised to see him standing there, guarding the tent, like all was well.

With my eyebrows furrowed, I approached him.

Apologetically, he said, “I’m sorry, Miss Georgia. We won’t be able to let you in.”

“No, I know,” I said, rolling my eyes. “As much as I would like to speak to Rosalie, T actually wanted to ask you something. Didn’t you get hurt pretty badly in that skirmish yesterday?”

He nodded. “Yes, miss, I did.”

“How are you… standing here?” I wanted to know.

The two guards exchanged glances, like they weren’t sure whether or not they could tell me, but then he said, “It was the White Queen, Miss Georgia. I was struggling so badly, hurting from my wounds, I could hardly stand. She noticed when her dinner was served, and she gave me… something.” He suddenly seemed secretive again, but he didn’t need to say more about that.

I knew what it was.

Her blood.

“And now you’re better.”

It wasn’t a question, but he nodded, “Yes, Miss Georgia.”

Not wanting to linger near the tent where I could get myself into trouble with my big brother, I stepped away.

It seemed Rosalie was making quite an impression on all of the people. I had also heard her singing, especially at night, and that

ways seemed to soothe everyone and bring a spirit of peace over the entire camp, despite the deaths and injuries of the day from * latter battle of wac

* We Orw except for Ethan.

I stepped away just in time to hear my brother’s deep voice bellowing across the camp.copy right hot novel pub

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