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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 173 The Sacred Altar

Chapter 173 The Sacred Altar

**Ethan’s POV

I wasn’t sure if this was just a ploy that she and Georgia had to get me to let her free, or if she genuinely wanted to visit her mother and then come with me. However, the pleading look in her eyes, especially when she mentioned going to get our baby, had me thinking seriously about it.

The question was whether I could keep her with me if I visited her homeland. Her people desperately wanted her to stay there, and I couldn’t blame them.

She was their queen, after all, and she was powerful. I’d seen her power with my own eyes and felt it when she healed the cut on my chest with her blood.

How could I just hand her over, though? What if it meant that we would never be together again? That I’d never see her, or my son, again?

Yet, when Rosalie asked me to please let her go, I found myself saying, “Fine. We can go to your mother’s grave. But we cannot stay, long, and we will not be going anywhere near the palace.”

I didn’t want her people to have the opportunity to lock me up, or worse, to take her away from me.

Rosalie’s eyes widened, and then she grabbed my arm and asked in disbelief. “Really?!”

Then she seemed to be a bit embarrassed, and she pulled back her hand. “Thank you, Ethan! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’re going to take me there.”

I felt my rogue heart melt a bit at her words and her touch. I waited for her to lean back, and I said, “You’re welcome, Rosalie.” I didn’ t press her for more affection, though. I knew that she didn’t want anything physically from me at the moment. She was just happy to be going to see our son-as was l.

“Prepare to leave first thing in the morning,” I told her. “I’ll have Georgia send word to that Gordon or Jordon guy exactly what it is / will agree to.”

“Commander Landon,” she corrected. I nodded at her and went out of the tent to see about preparing the rest of the camp for my departure.

“Ethan!” Georgia burst into my tent soon after I sent her the message. “You agreed?!” She was way too excited.

Unpleased with her reaction, I narrowed my eyes. “I’m second guessing my decision now because of you.”

Georgia immediately zipped her lips with her hand, shook her head and stayed quiet.

I didn’t want to go over it with her alone, so I gestured for her to follow me, and I gathered together several other people who would need to know my plans, including Talon, Vicky, Paul, Richard, and some of my other leaders.

“Tomorrow morning, I will be escorting Rosalie north to visit her mother’s grave.” At my words, Vicky gasped, and I had to wait for her to calm down in order to continue.

“Georgia, I need you to send word to your contacts of my intentions. I don’t want to see more than ten warriors from them. Also, make sure to tell them that any attempt to take Rosalie will be seen as an act of war. Do you understand?” Georgia nodded firmly.

“Richard and Samuel, I will be leaving you both in charge while I’m gone. I want you to be sure that the rogues from the south do not manage to get in and take any of our territory. You can have as many men as necessary at the ready until I get back. Get them into a good defensive position so that if we are attacked, they can hold onto what we have, but I don’t intend for our forces to try to take any more territory while I am away.”

“Understood, Alpha,” they said, and I tried not to comment on the false title.copy right hot novel pub

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