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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 175 The Anual

Chapter 175 The Anual

Rosalie’s POV

“Your mother would be proud of you,” Cerina said, standing next to me, looking over my mother’s tomb. This was for Ethan to hear to that we wouldn’t make him suspicious.

In my mindlink, however, I heard Cerina’s disapproval. “Your Majesty, this is too dangerous, Please reconsider performing the ritual!

“Cerina, I’ll be fine I haven’t been using my powers much recently.” I replied. I knew what she was worried about.

Ethan seemed to sense something, and he glanced toward me with a look that reminded me that it was time to leave. However, we were far from achieving the goal of this trip.

I needed 10 say something aloud so that Ethan wouldn’t suspect Cerina and I were conversing via mindlink, so I asked Cerina, “My father told me she died from disease and that they couldn’t let me go close to her body, but I’ve always wondered… what happened to her?”

Ethan walked over and demanded, “Rosalie, we don’t have time for this. Let’s go.”

Theld Rowan in my arms and insisted, “Ethan, I need to learn about my mother’s past! Rowan deserves to know his grandmother’s story too.” However, upon seeing his frustrated expression, I added, “Please?”

He stared at me for a moment and released my arm unwillingly. “Be quick.”

I nodded. “Cerina, could you tell me more about her? My father rarely mentioned her after she passed away…”

“Queen Willa gave up her life for the welfare of our pack.”

What Cerina said took me by surprise.

Cerina lowered her head and said a prayer. Then she turned to look at both me and Ethan.

“There was a terrible force that crept close to our land, and with them they brought an illness unlike anything we had ever seen before. So many of our people were dying, and it didn’t matter which medicines we used. Nothing worked,” Cerina replied with tears in her eyes.

I wasn’t sure what hardship had befallen Cerina at one point, but looking at her now as she gazed down at my mother’s grave, I could see the pain radiating through her.

“You lost someone?” I whispered.

Her eyes met mine with hesitation as she quickly blinked back the tears.

“I did,” she admitted. “I was a mother once before as well. My son would have been just a year older than you now. However, when the illness came, he was one of the first to go. A parent should never have to go through burying their own child.”

Broken. That was the feeling in my heart at that moment.

I looked down at Rowan. It was painful day and night without him in my arms. Being a mother myself, I couldn’t even dare to imagine what my High Priestess had gone through.

“So my father knew then what my mother did?”

Shaking her head, she gave a meek smile. “No. It was too dangerous. She couldn’t risk your life or your father’s life….”

None of us interrupted her. Even Ethan was listening.

“She sent him a letter telling him that she never loved him, as well as some other things. She couldn’t tell him the truth. She thought it better that he hated her than know the truth.copy right hot novel pub

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