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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 179 The White Queen Emerged

Chapter 179 The White Queen Emerged

With her eyes wide, Madalynn shouted, “Attackl” with her human voice as she shifted into her wolf, leaping into the air to lead the charge from behind us, her shout morphing into a howl.

Behar’s troops were trained to follow Madalynn’s commands as well, so even though Ethan was still on top of Behar, when she gave the order, the line in front of us moved forward as well

At that moment, many of the children were trapped between the lines of wolves led by Behar because they’d been in the process of moving between them.

Now, they were ripe for the picking.

The battle was upon us, but we were not prepared for it- we had tried to prevent it from happening. We were greatly outnumbered, and we had innocent children to protect. My mind went to Rowan. I saw Georgia, preparing to keep him safe the best she could, but as skillful as she was, Georgia couldn’t even shift yet.

It wouldn’t be enough.

Ethan and Behar were fighting again, and even though Behar had wounds in his neck, he’d gotten a breather while Madalynn and I were having our discussion. In the split second of the child’s cry, his wolf was able to push Ethan off of him.


Ethan wasn’t injured at all, and his strength didn’t falter as he and Behar clashed again, their claws and fangs ripping at one another. I wanted to help, but I felt so hopeless, standing there, watching all of the chaos unfolding around me.

Looking around, I saw women and children screaming and cowering. I saw warriors being double- and triple-teamed because we were so greatly outnumbered.

One group of Madalynn’s wolves were charging toward the center of the last group of citizens, and there were about twenty infants and children among them!

“No-!!!” I screamed.

I couldn’t let this happen! I had to do something to stop these innocent lives from being taken! I had to do something to protect them! There must be a way!!

On the ground, I saw pools of blood and tufts of fur and it was as if my heart was bleeding.

I prayed to the Moon Goddess. And never in my life was I longing so much for power and strength. I needed to be stronger. I needed the power. I needed help!!

Please…help me. I’d pay any price!

With my eyes on the full moon hanging above me, I implored the Moon Goddess, “Give me your strength! Give me your power!” Ancient words came to me, either from a text I’d read or passed down through my ancestry, and I began to chant, “Preme Luna Goddesta, dao mi li muscula, dao mi li energista!”

Over and over again, my tongue ran through the words like I was born to speak them.

“Your Majesty, stop!!!” Cerina’s desperate cry echoed in my head through the mindlink.

“Rosalie! Rosalie!! I heard Ethan’s voice in my head, something I’d never experienced before.

Why were we linked? Was it because of the ritual? However, it didn’t matter….

A flash of light blinded me, and I found myself closing my eyes to preserve my sight as others around me yelped in surprise. The ground beneath my feet began to shake as if a mighty earthquake were unfolding, and then… I felt a rush of energy overtake my body.

My hands began to tingle, my legs began to shake, and within me, I could feel my blood begin to stir within my veins, as if my boc were a pot at the tipping point, about to boil.

My nair flew out around my head, and in my peripheral vision, I could see it… gleaming and glowing in the light of the moon.

White as freshly fallen snow….’,

I felt compelled to leap into the air to shift, and as my feet left the ground, paws emerged. My body went through the usual cracking and popping of taking on my wolf form.copy right hot novel pub

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