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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 181 The Letter Says It All 

Ethan… This was a name that carved into my bones. Someone I’d never forget, regardless whether I was in this world or not. I took a deep breath and considered what she was asking me. I’d had a chance to say goodbye to my son. I would tell Vicky and Georgia how much I loved them and appreciated their friendship. What, if anything, did I wish to say to Ethan? I managed to shake my head a bit. “No,” I said, Georgia’s eyes were wide open, as if she was heartbroken for her brother. However, seeing me fading, she didn’t press. I whispered, “I’ve already told him everything I needed to say “You have?” she asked, kneeling down next to me now. “Yes, I told her. Tell him… tell him if he’s not sure what to think… how to interpret my feelings for him.. tell him to read the letter again.” The letter?’ Vicky asked, clarifying She knew which one I meant. The last time I thought I’d never see Ethan again, I’d told him everything. At the time, he’d thought I was already dead. Now that I was dying… there was nothing I’d want to say differently. Closing my eyes, I finally admitted to myself that till this day, I still loved him. In fact, I had always loved him. I came to understand that all of the fear, the anger, and the disappointment were because of the love I had for him. Therefore, every lie he told, regardless whether he meant it or not, hurt. Every wrong he had done to me, regardless of how small it was, I couldn’t bear. However, now I was at the end of my life, all I could see closing my eyes was his gentle blue eyes on me. I could almost smell his scent I longed for his arms around me Yes.copy right hot novel pub

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