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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 183 Soren’s Betrayal 

**Madalynn‘s POV “Behar, it‘s late. Why don‘t we go to bed?” My mate was checking the map at the desk. I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind. He moved my arms away a bit harshly. “Not now.” His tone wasn’t as sweet as a couple days ago. I clenched my fists. It was all Rosalie‘s fault! That b*tch… “We almost had them,” Behar‘s gaze landed at a spot on the map where we had trapped Rosalie and Ethan a couple of days ago. Igritted my teeth. “That f*cking b*tch!” Behar narrowed his eyes and glanced at me. “Your plan failed, and father isn‘t happy about it.” I was growing tired of hearing him complain about the failure of our previous attack, chasing Rosalie out of the temple. In fairness, it was just as much his fault as it was mine that it didn‘t work. How the f*ck was I supposed to know that Rosalie was going to become a ginormous she–wolf and push us all out of the way? If he would‘ve taken care of Ethan before Rosalie ever shifted, maybe we would‘ve gotten through. However, I bit my tongue. Even though Behar was my mate, I knew better than to irritate him, so I brought up the positive news. “We have reinforcements now,” I reminded him, We were making some progress closing in on their city, and I could almost taste the blood that was sure to fill my mouth the moment I reached our enemy‘s line. I couldn‘t wait to rip into the warm flesh of a rival soldier, to tear at the muscle with my fangs, and feel the life force leaving their broken bodies…. “Yeah, but we lost some of our best men,” he said, turning to look at me with clear displeasure. Why couldn‘t he just let go of such a trivial loss? I remembered three nights ago when our screaming match about the lost battle had turned into rough sex with lots of spanking and whipping. It was so f*cking good that the tent had come down around us. However, although that night ended well, I didn‘t need another reminder from my mate that he held me accountable for what had happened. “It‘s just a matter of time before we bring them down,” I tried to reason with him. “We have a lot more wolves than they do, and we practically have them surrounded.” “I can‘t wait to get in there and rip that motherf*cker‘s head off!” Behar growled and motioned with his massive arms as if he was unscrewing Ethan‘s head and tossing it from his body. I was glad that he redirected his anger toward our enemy, but I had to remind him, “We need to be pa tient. You know that.” I touched him on the arm tentatively. Seeing no rejection from him, I continued, “We have to give it time. Ethan won‘t be able to resist coming out to confront us, especially when he sees his lovely Rosalie starving to death or hears his child crying in the middle of night because they are out of food reserves.” Chapter 183 Sorens Betrayal His head rocked back and forth and I knew I had lightened his mood. I leaned over to his ear and whis pered, “Trust me.” Behar looked down at my hand. He grunted, an animalistic sound that made my core tighten up.

He grabbed my wrist suddenly and threw me on the bed. His body crushed down and I could feel his de sire. I was already wet, “Excuse me,” a voice from outside said. “The two of you have a visitor, sir, miss.copy right hot novel pub

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