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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 184 Poor Ethan 

**Soren’s POV Why the hell did I agree to do this? I had no idea how I’d gotten myself mixed up in a situation where my jack*ss brother was likely to get himself killed As I led Madalynn and Behar to a remote cave near their current position, I found it ironic that after all of these years of wanting to kill Ethan myself, I was finally leading two people who wanted him dead more than I ever had right to him-and yet, my job here was to make sure he stayed alive! But I had agreed to this plan not because of Ethan, but because of Rosalie. He swore it would help her, so that’s what I was doing…. As we approached the cave, Thomas stepped out. And… behind him, sitting on the ground near the mouth of the cave, with his hands bound, was my old er brother. His eyes narrowed as he stared at Madalynn, Behar, and the few guards they’d brought along. Behar of course wanted to make sure I didn’t try anything “funny.” When Behar and Madalynn saw Ethan, they both started laughing. Behar’s laughter was a deep, rich rumble that vibrated the rocks above the cave and sent a few smaller ones down on Ethan’s head. Madalynn’s cackle reminded me of a witch. It sounded like she was about to drop Ethan into her caul dron and boil him alive. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Rogue King, all wrapped up with a nice little bow!” Madalynn and Behar stopped a few feet short of Ethan, their hands on their hips as they tried to determine what they were going to do to him first. Ethan ignored them and screamed at me, “How can you do this, you pathetic *sshole!” The hate in his voice was evident. “I know you despise me, but think of Rosalie! Think of your nephew!” My eyes widened. Ha, I never knew my half-brother had the potential to be a good actor. I so wanted to yell back at him that he was the one who came up with this crazy idea. *sshole! But I knew I needed to cooperate. Laughing, I shook my head and folded my arms across my chest. “You know I only do what’s in my own best interest, brother. The Winter Forest pack has nothing to offer me. That pack is doomed to failure, and it’s clear Rosalie is nothing but a tramp who will sleep with anyone just to give her power.” Those words were hard to choke out, but I had to show Madalynn and Behar I was on their side. I con tinued, “If going back to King Kal will pay off for me, then why would I be anywhere else?” Ethan spit at me. “You f*cking b*stard!” I let another menacing laugh slip from my lips. “Have at him, guys,” I told the other two. “Just try not to kill him, okay? He’s worth more alive than dead-for the moment.” “I make no promises,” Behar said as he stepped forward. Thomas and I exchanged a glance. We had to make sure that Ethan didn’t die- that crazy punk owed me big!! I wondered how Talon, Vicky, and Georgia dealt with him for so long?! Behar pulled back his fist and swung it around, hitting Ethan so hard in the side of his head, my broth er’s eye nearly popped out of its socket I stood back and watched them coldly. Behar may be strong, but he was nothing compared to Ethan.copy right hot novel pub

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