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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 185 Soren’s Sacrifice 

For the next two days, Madalynn and Behar pulled Ethan out several times, every few hours, beat, whipped, or otherwise tortured him, and then put him back in the cage and went off to have their fun. In that time, Ethan didn‘t get a single bite to eat or a drop of water to drink, though his flesh was burned time and time again with the boiling water, and he was doused with freezing water as well, but nev er allowed to drink it. By the end of the second night, most of Behar and Madalynn‘s wolves were practically passed out with happiness–and maybe some liquor I had snuck in. Once I felt the coast was clear, I went over to the cage with a small cup of water. “Hey, here,” I said. “Drink this.” I managed to pour a few drops of water into his mouth before he gestured for me to go away. “Jack*ss, you‘re going to die,” I whispered through my gritted teeth. I was somewhat angry at him. If he wanted to do something for Rosalie, he should stay by her bed in case she woke up. At least that way he could spend some time with her knowing how much he weighed in her heart! Instead, he was here. No one asked him to do all of this! He came up with this insane plan and made it seem that he was do ing some huge sacrifice for everyone. But who the heck really needed him as a sacrifice? Was he really that arrogant to think he was the only one capable of winning the war? Or did he have to act like a hero so that everyone could admire him? I just didn‘t get it. Nodding his head slightly and smearing a streak of blood across the bottom of the cage, he said, “No, l‘ m not going to die. I‘ve got more important things to do than dying.” “Listen, I can get you out of here right now…” However, even I knew that wouldn‘t be a good idea. “No… just… get them to attack as soon as possible, okay?” Ethan asked me. I nodded. It was time. By now, Talon could‘ve built a trench the size of the ocean…. I realized, though, in order to get Behar to attack the next day, I needed to make him think it was his idea. *** Early the next morning, Behar and Madalynn came out of their tent, still kissing and groping one anoth er Now was the time to make my move. “Behar,” I said, “do what you want, but I just wanted to let you know that Ethan won‘t last long.” He scowled at me. “Go away, little b*tch.” “All right.” I shrugged and walked away. A moment later, Behar‘s voice rang behind me.copy right hot novel pub

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