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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 190 Hope Bloomed Eternal

“Well… what did she mean?” Georgia mumbled after Otto and Gayla excused themselves. I had no answer for her, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit idly by and wait. Since there were no further directions from Gayla, I decided it would be best for me to focus on things I could do. “Georgia, let’s go check on Soren. If he was wounded, you know I can help him heal.” Georgia fed the water mixed with my blood to Soren, and he woke up not long after that. His first sentence was, “Georgia, go tell our jack*ss brother that he better be prepared to take a hard blow from me for what he put me through!” Then he saw me, “Oh, hi, Rosalie… What’s wrong?” I was too heartbroken to tell him that Ethan sacrificed himself for me. Georgia sighed and helped Soren sit up, “Well, I wish that day would come soon.” After Georgia gave him a quick update, Soren murmured, “I never….” His voice faded, and when I turned to look at him, I could see he was choked up. “You never what?” Georgia asked him, but she didn’t wait for his reply. Instead, she asked again, “You never thought that he could actually be selfless?” Soren’s silence confirmed Georgia’s guess.. “I thought the same thing when I was younger,” Georgia admitted. “But as I grew older, I started to see he wasn’t a heartless beast like most people thought of him.” Soren retorted, “Isn’t heartless? Georgia, he killed our father, and thanks to him, mother didn’t live that long either!” Georgia sighed. “You still call him father? When I was young, I wished I had never been born! He treated you very differently because you were supposed to be the heir, the stepping stone for him to secure power. You have no idea how terrible that monster really was. Even though I was his flesh and blood, he was cruel to me as well.” Georgia lifted a hand to her cheek, as if she was still feeling a slap from long ago. “He wasn’t always that pleasant to me,” Soren said. “But I didn’t think he’d done anything that made him deserve to die.” “Ethan claimed his blood on behalf of his own father who was killed unjustly. That monster you called father deserved to die for more reasons than you will ever understand, Soren.copy right hot novel pub

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