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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 191 The Moonlight Lily

“Today is the sixth,” Cerina said. “The sixth of Wheat Month by the ancient calendar.” My breath stuck in my throat, and I braced myself as tears rushed up my eyes. “We have two days.” *** Hanging against the cliff, I kept telling myself not to look down, to focus on going up. We were not far from the top. I could do this. “I don’t understand.” Soren’s voice echoed from below me as he followed me up the cliff, finding holes for his hands and feet. “Why does the Moonshine Lotus have to make it impossible for people to get to it?” “Moonlight Lily.” Georgia corrected him. “I know you lost to Behar, but did you also lose your mind?” “Hey, Georgia, I didn’t lose to—”Soren pulled himself up, and when he finally stepped on a rock and could take a breather, he continued, “—Behar, okay? I wounded him severely. See, at least I am able to come on this trip. I bet Behar still can’t get out of bed.” Georgia smirked, “You’re able to move around because of Rosalie’s blood.” As soon as she got to the top of the mountain, she offered me her hand. I took her help and finished my last few steps. “Nice job, Rosalie,” she said, embracing me. “Thank you,” I told her, but I was so tired that I struggled to catch my breath and really wanted a drink of water. I couldn’t imagine how the rest of the Drogomor people still had the energy to carry on a casual conversation during this kind of endeavor. I heard Georgia continue to shout down to Soren. “You were pretty messed up to be honest.copy right hot novel pub

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