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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 192 Ethan’s Finger Just Wiggled! 

Soren and I arrived at the cave first. I stayed near the mouth of the cave, and a few minutes later, I saw two familiar wolf figures approaching the cave with a man on one of their backs. I went about making sure Ethan was comfortable on his makeshift bed, but it wasn’t time yet for me to use the flower to save him. We had to be patient and wait for the nectar. “Why didn’t we just go back to the palace?” Soren asked me. I hadn’t explained everything to him when we were running as wolves, and he’d come along with me out of faith. Keeping my voice low, I looked around the cave and replied, “There are spies in the palace. There have to be, or else Madalynn wouldn’t have known that we were going after the flower.” Seraphine and Vicky gasped, covering their hands with their mouths. | summarized the situation for them. “We were attacked by Madalynn. That’s why only Soren and I came back first. The rest of the group stayed to hold them off.” Soren didn’t seem nearly as shocked; he must have already thought of that when Madalynn showed up. He asked, “So you tried to draw them out? What’s your plan?” “We’ll make them reveal themselves to us.” For some reason, that made him chuckle. “It sounds like you’ve got some ideas.” My eyes scanned the cave and I nodded. “Seraphine, I want you to use the mindlink to contact Cerina. Tell her to prepare for putting on a show that makes everyone in the palace think I went missing while looking for the flower as soon as you are back. Also, please ask Commander Landon to send a detail tasked with looking for me. We’ll need it to go help Talon and Georgia.” Seraphine nodded, following me so far. “Also, people will think that the flower didn’t get picked, so that Ethan will continue to grow weak and that we won’t be able to save him. Give the trusted leaders a heads-up, so that they’re not worried, and make sure that frontline morale wouldn’t be negatively impacted. It’ll be better if the rumor only stays within the walls of the palace.” I looked them in the eyes, and everyone seemed to be on the same page so far. “The spies would want to send a message to the enemy or try to get within close range to use the mindlink. Vicky,” I continued, “please work with Paul and Richard. Let them know to keep an eye out for anyone, soldiers or citizens, who are trying to leave the palace once the rumors are out. Those people need to be gathered together and held captive until I return.copy right hot novel pub

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