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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 193 Rosalie to the Rescue 

“Are you okay?” Soren asked, “You seemed... upset.” “I‘m okay.” I said, though it wasn‘t quite true. I was disturbed by the dream. I looked over at Ethan. He was still asleep, but I could see his eyes shifting now.. “I received word that they had pinpointed a few suspects as spies and are monitoring their actions right now. Also, the rescue team is here to meet you,” Soren told me. “Thank you,” I said. “I‘ve been watching Ethan, and I think he‘s about to wake up,” Soren continued. He was right. Ethan‘s eyelashes were fluttering quite a bit too. He was going to wake up. Then what? “... should go,” i said. “What?” Soren was confused. “Why?” Ethan began to mumble a bit, but I wasn‘t ready to face him. What if... he really never loved me? “I gotta go,” I told Soren. My tone was rushed. “But Rosalie, I can go instead....” Soren grabbed my wrist. I pulled my hand back and quickly gave him my reasoning. “First, you‘re still recovering from your injury from Behar. The fight yesterday didn‘t help. You need to rest. Second, my blood can help any of the wounded ones. Can yours?” He couldn‘t argue with me and he let go, seemingly disappointed at himself. I took one more look at Ethan. His dark and thick eyelashes were quivering a lot. My throat was tight. I was anxious to see Ethan again, but I needed some time to think about how I should face him... “Just tell him I said I‘m glad he‘s awake,” I said and turned to leave the cave. I didn‘t quite get to the exit before I heard Ethan‘s weak voice say, “Soren? Where am I...?” I said a prayer to the Goddess, thanking her that the flower had worked... and then, I took a deep breath and fled the cave like a coward. Yes... I was a coward. I didn‘t have the courage to face Ethan at the moment. I told myself that it was because I needed to bring his sister and his Beta safely back to him. Letting out a breath of relief, I was somewhat grateful that I had a valid reason to run away from him for the time being. Outside of the cave, the rescue team had been waiting for me already. Chapter 193 Rosabe to the Rescue “Everyone follow me!” I shouted. “We have a day of running ahead of us. Our comrades are waiting for us, and there‘s not a moment to waste!” Howls were the only responses I received. I shifted into my wolf again, ready to do whatever it took to rescue Georgia and Talon. Then... we ran We got back to the open field where Moonlight Lily bloomed as fast as we could, but when I saw a few dozen lifeless wolves laid on the ground, my heart sank. I forced myself to examine the bodies. Most of them seemed to be rogues, thankfully, but I did recognize three warriors from my pack.

I left them here... and they died for me. I howled toward the moon to express my sorrow.copy right hot novel pub

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