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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 196 I’ll Support You With My Life

I watched as Marcus disappeared on his way to the dungeon and then returned my attention to Ethan. I had wanted to tell him how happy I was that he was awake ever since I saw him, but I didn’t know how to get those words out, so I stared at him for a moment, my mouth slightly agape.

He was holding Rowan the entire time during Marcus’ confrontation, and I noticed that he didn’t say anything. Was he upset with what Marcus had said? I realized that I stepped in when Marcus was insulting him; would he rather handle that by himself?


“Is everything all right, Rosalie?” he asked me.

“Uh… yeah,” I said, feeling my cheeks pink. “Everything is fine. I just thought that-”

“Your Majesty!” a messenger | recognized as one of General Vandough’s warriors shouted, coming over to me. “We have spotted King Kal’s forces coming around the eastern side of the palace, getting ready to attack again. General Vandough requests permission to engage with them to prevent them from getting near the citizens that have just sought shelter in the nearby villages.”

I felt my insides deflate as I thought about what this meant.

Would this war just go on and on forever?

“Yes,” I told him, after taking a few deep breaths to get my head on straight. “Tell General Vandough to move out and engage with King Kal’s forces but to watch his flank.”

I shook my head. When would it end?

Would it ever end?

“We’ll be there soon,” I assured the messenger and then started to send him away, but Cerina stopped me.

“My Queen, please excuse me… but I do not think that is the best idea for you to go. Please stay here.”

| arched my eyebrow, questioning her silently why she suggested it.

The wise woman pressed her hands together in front of her and spoke with a calm manner. “Your Majesty, you have been at this nonstop for over a week. You’ve gone from one emergency to the next, bare ly giving yourself time to eat and rest, let alone clear your mind. It isn’t good for you to be running at such a pace, physically or mentally.”

Ethan also nodded at her words and she continued. “Now, Alpha Ethan and the others have done a bril liant job of cutting King Kal’s numbers down since his return yesterday. General Vandough is a skilled war rior and leader. He can handle this battle on his own. Let the messenger return to your subordinate and tell him to move forward with his plans,” she said, grasping my hand between both of hers. “Believe me and trust them, dear, this is for the best. For all of you.”

Her last sentence was more like a mother urging her daughter than a subordinate advising her queen, and it warmed my heart.

I looked at Ethan, and he gave me a small, reassuring smile.

Returning my attention to Cerina, I said, “All right then.” To the messenger, I said, “Please tell the genera al that he may move forward with his attack plans, and if he needs reinforcements, he should send for Commander Landon.”

“Yes, my Queen,” the man said, bowing his head to me before he took off in a hurry to let the leaders know of my decision.

| sucked in a deep breath, held it for a moment, and blew it out slowly, trying to calm my nerves.

Cerina was right. I had been going nonstop for quite some time now, and since Ethan was finally awake, and so was I, perhaps it was the best time to take a small break and gather my thoughts.

My thinking would be more logical if I gave myself the opportunity to process everything that had gone on. It would also help if I gave my body the chance to physically recover from the strain the war had put on

“Why don’t we gather in the war room in three hours?” | asked those who had gathered around me, my most trusted inner circle of friends and advisors.

Everyone nodded and left for their own duties.

Finally, I turned to Ethan. Rowan started to fuss in his arms, but it didn’t seem like he was ready to re turn the boy to me.

Thesitated and said, “Um… I think the boy may be hungry, and I should take him to my room to feed him…”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” he said. As he handed Rowan to me, I noticed that he seemed to be quite disap pointed, so I asked tentatively, “Would you like to… come to my room? You’re welcome to spend some time with us… I meant, the boy, if you’d like.”

Immediately, a big smile crossed his face. “Yes, I’d like that,” he said, and his eyes lit up. “Thank you, Rosalie.”

We went into my private chambers, and I got some food into Rowan. Ethan kept his distance but had a grin on his face the entire time. As I let out a yawn, he urged me, “Get some rest, Rosalie. You have a lot ahead of you to do.”

I nodded my head and laid on the bed after putting Rowan down in his crib.copy right hot novel pub

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