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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 197: Soren’s Plan

Chapter 197: Soren’s Plan

Preparing to attack was a lot of work, and I wasn’t quite feeling up to the challenge. I didn’t want Ros alie or anyone else to know that I was still feeling weak from the coma I’d been in recently, so I kept that in formation to myself.

Running helped. In fact, it was the one time I could clear my head and feel the most in touch with my body. I spent several hours at night running around in the woods near the palace, thinking about strategy but also repairing my injured body.

Sometimes, I ran so fast and so long that, by the time I returned to camp, I was exhausted.

After the entire night of running, I was on my way back at dusk, getting mentally prepared for the day.

Across the courtyard in front of us, I saw Rosalie as she went about directing the soldiers who were preparing to leave on an offensive attack. I couldn’t help but want to stare at her. She was so beautiful in the early morning sun, I could hardly believe how lucky I was to have her as my fated mate.

Thad just shifted and gotten dressed when I felt a bit dizzy from running so far. My head began to spin, and I reached for a nearby tree to steady myself, but my hand slipped, and I started to fall.

The feel of strong arms around me had me attempting to jump away. It felt as if I’d fallen into the hands of the enemy

“My brother, the mighty warrior, is having trouble standing up after he has exerted himself too much, but I am here to catch him and keep him from falling to the ground.”

The sound of Soren’s voice set me at ease but also grated on my nerves. I shrugged him off, leaning back against the tree. “Let go. I’m fine.”

He made sure I was steady on my feet and the tree I was leaning against was strong enough before he let me go. “Sorry,” he chuckled, but his tone didn’t sound apologetic at all. “Brother, would it kill you to say thank you?”

He had a point, so I said, “You startled me, that’s all. And, well, I’m fine. But thank you.”

He put his hand over his heart and said in an exaggerated tone, “Ah, brother! You are so, so welcome!”

| shook off my goosebumps and smacked the back of his head. “Shut up! Is your goal here just to gross me out?”

He let out another laugh. Then he leaned toward me with a deliberately mystified smile on his face. “ have a secret. Do you want to know?”.

After helping me, he was eager to put some space between us. Even though I was a little off-balance, | had no trouble taking a few steps away from him.

“Tell me,” I replied flatly.

I was still gruff with him, holding a grudge for some of the things he’d done to Rosalie, but I was sure he felt the same way about me,

However, I also had a better understanding of how he became who he was. I had grown to see him in a different light recently, not just because I realized he did have Rosalie’s best interest at heart, but also be cause my little brother had grown into a skilled warrior and strong leader.

And I was beginning to respect him-so long as he didn’t intentionally act frivolously.

I wasn’t quite prepared to let him know that, though.

He smirked at me and slowly shook his head. “Still not the best of friends are we?” Soren joked. Then. he took on a serious tone. “Listen, I need to go after Damian.”

I stared at him for a long moment, not quite following what he was getting at. “Damian?” I repeated. “Romero’s Beta?”

Soren nodded. “Yes. It’s complicated. Rosalie’s plan to go on the offensive is a good plan. She’s defi nitely thought it through, but no one quite knows Damian like I do, and I’m afraid she might be underesti mating how cunning he can be.”

Then, after a moment, he added, “Besides… you’re here now, and that leaves little room in her life for me… at least, not in the way I’d wanted.” He stared down at the ground, a distant look in his eyes.

I didn’t like to hear that anyone had romantic feelings toward Rosalie, but for now, I just ignored it. “Her plan is a strong one,” I agreed with him.copy right hot novel pub

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