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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 205 I Need Him. Now.

Ethan leaned over and found my lips, and I thought this must be what a person who’s been wandering in the desert for years feels like the moment the first drops of water quench their thirst. It had been too long since he kissed me, not the Rogue King, but the real Ethan-my Ethan. His hands began to explore my body as I felt him stiffen beneath me. I ran my hand up the side of his cheek, his five o’clock shadow stinging my palm as I tangled my fingers in his hair. He whispered as he released my lips. “This’s one last chance you have to be free from me…” I could hardly breathe as I looked into his eyes. “Ethan, do you not want me?” He seemed to have used all of his strength to control his desire. The fire in his blue eyes was about to devour me. “Rosalie, don’t do this to me unless you…” “Unless what? That I love you?” I smiled, tears filled my eyes. Through my blurred vision, I looked him in the eye. “Yes, I love you, Ethan Gray, ever since the first time I saw you!” He inhaled sharply, and his entire body trembled. I blew into his ear, “What are you waiting for, my Alpha?” I needed him. Now. “P*ck it! You asked for it,” I smiled at him again and commanded, “Take me.” Without another word, he stood, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, my tongue plunging into his mouth. In two quick strides, he was across the room, and we were tumbling onto the cot. My mind went wild as he wasted no time ripping my clothes off of me. I clawed at the waistband of his shorts, but my hands were trembling with excitement, and Ethan ended up tugging those off as well. My eyes raked over his body as he spread my legs and positioned himself between them. My hands reached for his muscular hips so I could hold on as I was certain this was going to be earth-shattering. We didn’t need to spend any time exploring each other’s bodies or working our way into it. I had been ready for him for ages, and it was clear by the way his thick cock probed against my entrance that he was just as ready as I was. Ethan dipped his head to take one of my erect nipples between his lips as he pushed inside of me.copy right hot novel pub

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