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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 206 An Arm and… Another Arm

Chapter 206 An Arm and… Another Arm

The queen sat across from me, her elbow on the desk, and her fingers weaved together under her chin.

She waited patiently for my answer.

Ethan didn’t express his opinion, and I knew he wanted this to be my decision.

“How do I know you’re not lying to me?” I asked.

“You know I wouldn’t. Even if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be easy enough for you to hunt us down afterwards? I’m not that stupid. I need your word to guarantee our safety in getting out of the Mirage, and I know you’ll keep your promise if the news is legitimate.”

pondered for a moment. Indeed, it would be no use for her to make up anything fake, because when we found out they tried to trick us again, they would only get themselves into more trouble.

I looked at Ethan and Talon, both men kept their silence. Therefore, I gave her my answer, “Okay, you have my word that you and your mate’s lives will be spared.”

She nodded, and handed me a letter. A letter from Damian.

My eyes glanced over it quickly. It was a letter from Damian to James. I remembered Soren telling me that Damian was cunning just like Romero, and he didn’t have loyalty towards anyone. Whatever would benefit him more would be the action he would take.

Most of the information in the letter we’d already known, but the last part caught my attention.

“I shouldn’t have attacked Kal. D*mn Soren tricked me into doing it, but the damage is already done. Anyway, I’ve got him now…. Be careful, Ethan and Rosalie are coming to Mirage. You should be ready…”

I exchanged a look with Ethan and handed him the letter.

Damian had Soren! We needed to do something about it.

The queen saw I was done reading. She stood up gracefully and nodded to me and Ethan. “It appeared to me that Queen Rosalie has verified that the news is legit and useful for you. That being said, James and I will be safe for the rest of our lives. Now, please excuse us.”

The way she carried herself almost made me feel that she was the victor of this meeting.

Before she could exit the room, however, Ethan stopped her. She was not afraid to look him in the eyes and asked scornfully, “Cousin Ethan, are you planning to break Queen Rosalie’s promise? A deal is a deal.”

Ethan kept his cool, but he stated, “I won’t kill you, however, all of us have to pay the price for our actions. Do you really think you two can be off the hook so easily after bringing disaster for tens of thousands of lives and families?”

The queen frowned. “Ethan, I admitted that we lost to you, and here we are, you can have the throne. However, you’re after power just like we were, and if it was you, you would also make the same choice as we did to protect your heir. In fact, you’ve already done so! So don’t be so disgusting and make it sound like you’re some selfless saint!”

Ethan didn’t explain himself but smirked, “You’re right, I’m not. In fact, I hold grudges.”

She sneered, “So what are you going to do about us then? Torture us? So that your precious Rosalie can see what kind of monster you truly are?”

Ethan didn’t lose his temper because of her provocation. “I have no interest in that. However, I do believe your punishment should be the same as the one you meted out on me.”

The queen’s eyes narrowed.

Ethan’s lips parted, and only one word came out. Banishment.”

She froze for a few seconds and then started laughing so hard.

“Hahahaha…” Her laugh was bitter and crazy. After a long while, finally, she stopped.copy right hot novel pub

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