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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 208 Madalynn’s Ending 

Back on the boat headed to East Port, I sat and stared out at the ocean. *Rosalie, din, you were good!” Georgia whistled at me, “But how did you know for sure Damian had Soren and Soren wasn’t hammed?” It was easier to breathe going home than it had been going across to the islands. “When he asked to let him rule the islands. If he didn‘t have Soren alive, he wouldn‘t dare to make that request,” I answered. *Brilliant!” Georgia complimented, leaning against the railing, “So, this is it? We are all done? No war?” Then she stretched big and declared loudly, “Great! I can‘t wait for a long vacation!” Jace leaned towards her, “Georgia, where do you want to go? Can I go with you?” “Jace,” I asked him, “Have you ever seen Beta Talon get mad?” Jace was confused, “No, why?” *If you want to try out the rage from the most well–mannered Beta in the world, go ahead to go on Georgia‘s vacation.” He thought about it for a moment and shared his decision with us in a solemn expression. “No, thank you! I like my life too much to end it this early!” Georgia and I exchanged a look, and we both giggled. “I just can‘t believe this is finally over!” she said. I took a deep breath, and I agreed with Georgia. It felt too good to be true. This war was finally over. We had defeated Kal and James, Behar and Madalynn went missing, and Damian was no longer a threat. “It just doesn‘t feel real,” I turned my head to talk to the man sitting next to me, “does it, Soren?” Soren grinned at me, “But it‘s true. You did it, Rosalie!” I shook my head. “Not me. We did it, Soren.” “If you insist,” Soren whispered jokingly, “Your Majesty!” It had only been a few hours since we‘d recovered him from Damian, and he was still weak. Although Damian kept Soren alive, he had not been particularly kind to him. Soren was physically punished severely. Damian had beaten him and kept him without much food or water. Looking at his thin and pallid face, I croaked, “You didn‘t have to do this. Thank you!” “Hey Ro, don‘t cry! See, I am all good, thanks to your blood.” The old name he used to call me had me pausing for a moment. I sighed, “You haven‘t called me that for a long time.”

“It truly was a long time ago. The first time we ever saw one another was at the port we are headed to,” Soren whispered. “I remember that day vividly,” I told Soren. “I looked back at the pier and saw you standing there, and my heart caught in my throat.” “You thought I was Ethan?” he asked, a slight smirk on his face. I nodded. “And you thought I was going to drag you back to Mirage?” “Pretty much.” He chuckled. “Well, we‘ve come a long way since then, huh?” I smiled at him, but I didn‘t have much to say about the memories he was bringing up now. That was not a good time in 0002 22:17 Chapter 208 Madalynn‘s Ending my life. Ethan had planned to kill me, Madalynn had schemed to kill me, Damian might have wanted to kill me, and Soren... well, he didn‘t particularly do anything to kill me, but he had been willing to let me be beaten so that he could trick me... Yes, I had come a long way since then, and I was glad I never had to go back. Soren gently placed a hand on top of mine where it sat next to me on the bench. “I know that I met you under false pretenses, Rosalie, but I can say... I‘m glad I was such a selfish fool back then. Because if I hadn‘t been, i might never have met you.copy right hot novel pub

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