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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 209 Farewell and Forever 

“It‘s a lovely morning, isn‘t it?” Ethan Vicky Paul, and I were outside playing with Rowan when I saw Soren‘s familiar form walking slowly toward us My stomach twisted into knots. For some reason, I knew that he had something important to say to us, and the way he was walking made me think that, whatever it was, I wasn‘t going to like it. Rowan waved and said, “Uncky!” his attempt to say uncle. It was adorable, and Soren‘s face lit up. He went over to his nephew and carefully stopped the swing Vicky had been pushing. “You‘re such a smart little guy,” Soren said. He bent down and kissed his nephew‘s cheek, and Rowan patted him lovingly on the face a bit before he shouted that he wanted “mower!” which meant more swinging. He handed Rowan to Vicky and Paul. The couple took Rowan away over to the swing, leaving the three of us some privacy You look much better now,” I said, very happy to see Soren‘s recovery progress, He pulled up a silly smile. “Of course! Not that many people get fed by the White Queen‘s priceless blood on a daily basis for an entire week! Goddess, my body is so energetic that it feels like I‘m ten years younger!” Ethan commented, “Your IQ too,” i choked on the sip of water I was taking. “I take it as you‘re jealous of my youthful strength and dare not face the challenge.” Ethan arched his brow. “No interest. I‘m not an eleven–year–old.” “Come on! Why don‘t we go for a race through the woods, down to the river? We can watch the sun finish rising from there.” I looked at the horizon where the sun was nearly up. Pinks, oranges, and yellows still painted the sky, a beautiful sight. “It sounds like a good idea.” I smiled at them both. It wasn‘t often that I got to run side by side with the two most powerful he–wolves in the world. Also, I had a feeling that Soren hadn‘t picked this task randomly. It meant something to him. “You asked for it,” Ethan finally agreed with a smirk. I picked up a bag of clothes for us to change, and the three of us took off running through the dew–covered grass. We headed to the woods, running at full speed down a winding trail that meandered between large pines and bright bushes full of berries.

As fast as they were, I managed to keep up, just slightly behind them. It was nice to watch the brothers run side by side, each of them trying to get the upper hand. They would nudge one another in the shoulder or try to steer the other one of course by running too close together. I chuckled under my breath every time one of them did something to torment the other. After about thirty minutes of running, I could hear the river in front of us. I was looking forward to sitting next to it and taking a rest. The scent of the water hit my lungs, and I breathed it in deeply, feeling refreshed, The waves crashing against the rocks drew us in, and then the greenish–brown water came into view before us. Ethan got there first and turned to smirk at Soren who promptly pushed him a few feet into the water with his shoulder Ethan rushed out of the cold water and shook off his fur, getting Soren wet, too, I couldn‘t help but giggle. Behind a bush, I shifted and got dressed before I brought them the backpack so they could do the same. Then the three Chapter 209 Farewell and Foren of us took a seat on some large rocks overlooking the water as the sun finally climbed above the horizon, The palace was visible in the distance behind us, and with the golden morning light glinting off of the stone, it looked like something out of a fairy tale, or a dream. “Do you remember,” Soren began, “when we were young, we always tried to beat each other to the river back in Drogomor” “I remember,” Ethan said with a nod. “I always won.” “Hey, you were a lot older than me and bigger,” Soren reminded him. “That has nothing to do with speed,” Ethan shot back. giggled while Soren let out a grunt, but he was still smiling. “I thought you were... a superhero back then,” Soren said, his smile faltering a bit. “My big brother. The toughest guy in the world. I thought... you could do no wrong.” Ethan said nothing, but a somber look took over his face as Soren continued. “Then.copy right hot novel pub

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