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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 213: The Night Everything Changed 

Four vears flew by. This trip home was the first since I’d left the pack at thirteen years old, Even when I was in a secluded school, I kept hearing news about the Alpha of the Drogomor pack, about his undefeatable reputation and his ruthless cruelty. Certain questions that I’d wanted answers for, though, were no longer important to me. Because I finally grew to understand what Talon meant by, “Ethan needs to do something that had to be done,” and, “He loves you, and he would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.” I’d moved on from the past, and now I just wanted to get home. I looked out the window as the car pulled through the gates of the pack house. Nothing had really changed much. As the car stopped, the chauffeur opened the door and I stepped out onto the pavement. My eyes scanned the house and surrounding grounds as the front door opened, revealing my brother’s stern gaze. I was quite surprised that he was waiting for me, as I had heard from Vicky that he was supposed to be on a patrol trip. I sighed silently. My big brother wasn’t as heartless as the rumors said after all. He was here waiting for his little sister to come home. That alone made this trip so worthwhile. Although I wondered… did that mean that Talon had gone in his stead? Would I be able to see Talon this time? “Hello, brother.” I said sweetly as I stepped forward. “It’s been too long.” He nodded. “How’s school?” He made it sound like I had just left to go to school in the morning, and now I’d just gotten home at the end of the school day. It was as if I hadn’t left here for years at all. | smiled. “I learned a lot.” “Good,” he said. “Tell me more about it.” He took over my suitcase from the driver and we walked back to the house side by side. “You’re sure you want to know?” I titled my head to look at him. He looked back at me, confused.copy right hot novel pub

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