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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 214: The Night Everything Changed 

**Georgia’s POV It seemed like I’d just arrived home, but my vacation was already coming to an end. I’d be leaving tomorrow morning. I’d gotten together with almost all of my close friends in the pack, except for Talon. I thought I’d be happy to see everyone. While it sucked that I would miss Talon this time, the trip would still be good. But at this moment, I finally knew clearly that it just wasn’t the same. Talon wasn’t the same as others. Not to me. Since it was the last night of my visit, I’d stayed at Vicky’s parents’ house just like a few years ago. Some of my buddies snuck in alcohol and we’d had a blast. Most of my friends were drunk, and I knew I wasn’t that sober either. Although I should have gone to bed by now, for some reason, I kept tossing and turning. Finally, I decided it was probably best for me to go out and get some fresh air. i looked at the sky and saw a huge bright moon. It was calling for me to get closer. I thought about it for a moment then decided to climb out of the window and get on the roof, just to lay there for a little while and finish the last little bit of my drink from the party. Maybe I would finally be able to sleep afterward. The moon was absolutely stunning, and the gentle evening breeze felt great on my warm body. Due to the alcohol, my face was still burning. I’d seen many people tonight, but at this moment, all I could think about was Talon. Growing up, he was like my brother but so much more. I knew he treated me as his little sister. What he would do for Vicky, he would do for me. However, to me, he wasn’t just a big brother. During the years I was away from home, whenever I was upset or ran into problems, only one thought helped me make it through-be stronger, so that I wouldn’t be a burden! Only I knew that when that thought came to mind, I thought of Talon’s face. I let out a long sigh and chugged down the reminder of the can. I really missed him… At that moment, I heard something land behind me gently. I turned my head to check out the source of the noise and realized that it was a massive brown wolf with green eyes.copy right hot novel pub

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