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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 215 Bonus (E&R) – Would She Say Yes? (Part 1)

Chapter 215 Bonus (E&R) – Would She Say Yes? (Part 1)

**Ethan’s POV

“Rogues are under control,” Landon reported, “We’ve enhanced the watch stations and provided basic military training for the civilians that had been bothered by the rogues.”

“From the islands, Damian turned in the military supplies from the islands as a token of his loyalty to Queen Rosalie,” Samuel reported

“All good news. Great. That concludes today’s meeting,” Talon announced, “Let’s regroup tomorrow.”

I nodded my head, But as everyone stood to leave, I requested, “Georgia, you stay.”

She exchanged a worried look with Talon. As soon as everyone exited the room, she rushed to my side, and lowered her voice, “Ethan, I can tell something is bothering you… what’s going on?”

I didn’t reply but sighed.

Seeing my hesitation, Georgia was nervous, “I don’t like that look on your face. Is it something bad?”

“Um…” I started

“Is it James? Madalynn? or Romero?”

“No, it’s Rosalie.”

She grabbed my hand. “Rosalie?! What happened to her… I need to go check on her!”

“Wait!” My brows knitted together. “Not her, exactly.”

“So what is it?! Just spit it out already!”

“All right…. As you know, Rosalie is very important to m-”

“Yes, you love her; you are willing to die for her; she is the most important person in your life. I get it. What on earth do you want to say?! Come on, brother!”

“I want to marry her but I’m not sure what she thinks about it. What do you think?” I blurted out. Things were much easier when I was the one giving orders. The problem was, I couldn’t just “order” Rosalie to marry me.

Georgia paused for a moment. Then she stared at me without saying a word, like I was some insane person.

What was Georgia’s problem? What was wrong with me wanting to marry the woman that meant the whole world to


“What?” i frowned, quite displeased by her reaction.

She rested her hand on my shoulder, shook her head, and let out a sigh. “Brother,” she said, “please allow me to explain what normal people would do in this situation.”

I removed her hand from my shoulder.

“It’s called-PROPOSE, you idiot!!”


“Alpha, is everything okay?” Talon rushed in, and Paul followed.

I lifted my chin slightly to gesture to them to sit down. They hesitantly took their seats, waiting for me to start.

“So, I have a… mission,” l’started, and although it was hard to ask for help, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, and I need… your services.”

Both of them straightened their backs. I didn’t want them to think I was sending them to a suicidal military task, so I went straight to the topic, “I’m going to propose to Rosalie.”

Both of them frome, then were relieved, and then confused, “Okay.” they said, as if they were questioning me why this had anything to do with them.

I pinched the bridge of my nose “I need to prepare for the proposal,”

They gave me an, “Ahhh, we got it,” look.

“Alpha, just let us know your requirements, and we’ll get it done,” Paul assured me.


Paul replied, “Yes, requirements. Like, date and time, location, color theme, flower arrangement, music preference…”

I frowned even more.

His voice trailed off as he noticed the blank expression on my face. Talon gave him a nudge on his back, and I cleared my throat. What do you guys think?” I said,

*Alpha…” Paul’s voice was almost trembling in..excitement? I lifted my gaze, looking back at him-confused. What was he so excited about?

“…Are you actually consulting us?!” Paul looked at Talon in disbelief and continued, “The Alpha King Ethan Gray is actually consulting us?!”

Talon smacked the back of Paul’s head and gave him a warning look, and then he said in his usual, leveled, professional voice, “Alpha, if you do not already have something set in mind, then, like any of our past operations, I believe it would be best that we come up with an executable plan.“

I nodded to him, appreciative that finally someone took this as seriously as I did.

Paul jumped in, “That’s right! I recommend starting with something she likes.”

Talon also agreed with Paul, so I said, “Go on.”

“Okay.” Paul began, “what places does she like to visit or wants to visit?”

“You don’t know? That’s okay, then what color does she like?”

“White?” I answered.

“Are you sure?”


“Well, let’s park this. How about her favorite flower?”

“She likes them all equally.”

Paul seemed a bit hesitant to ask his next question. “Her jewelry style?”

“She seems to only have one necklace.” That was the one I had got her, and that was the one she had been wearing.

“…” It was Paul’s turn to fall into silence this time, and I felt I almost used up all my patience.

Talon’s brow knitted as Paul whispered to him, “Beta, you sure Alpha is ready to propose?”

Talon gave him a glare and cleared his throat. He took a couple seconds to make his analysis. “Based on the current situation,” my Beta pulled out a pen and some paper, “Alpha, I believe we have three major tasks.copy right hot novel pub

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