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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 216 – Bonus (E&R) – Would She Say Yes? (Part 2)

Chapter 216 – Bonus (E&R) – Would She Say Yes? (Part 2)

**Rosalie’s POV

“How about this one?” Vicky picked up the nineteenth ring from the sales lady at the store and put it on my ring finger,

“It’s beautiful,” I commented, as she moved on to the twentieth.

“Oh, look, this is stunning too!” she said.

Vicky invited me for a girls’ day out since Ethan, Talon, and Paul had been busy with border patrols. She said it had been a while, and we both deserved a break from work.

When we arrived at the shopping district, she took me directly into an elegantly decorated back room in one of the jewelry stores so that we wouldn’t attract unnecessary attention from the public.

The store staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, making the shopping experiences very pleasant, especially after I insisted that they not stand on ceremony.

After a while, I noticed with amusement that Vicky kept handing things at me to try on.

“You seem more interested in me measuring things than you do,” I said jokingly.

“Not at all. I just think it’s more efficient to see how they would look when they are being worn,” she denied and walked around the store. As if she wanted to prove me wrong, she pointed at a beautiful necklace. “This one, for example, think I’ll try it on myself so that you can take a break.”

chuckled, and took a sip of the tea that was provided, watching her put it on.

A flower-shaped violet stone rested in the center of the garment. The chain was made of white gold and decorated with small golden details.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous on you, Vicky!” I complimented her. “It goes so well with your eye color.”

She seemed to also be very pleased with her choice. “I love it too!” After a long while, she took it off and placed it back to where she had found it.

I commented, “Now, we need to look for a pair of earrings to go with it.”

“Wait, Rosalie. What about you? Haven’t you ever dreamed about your wedding day?” she asked me. “About the ring you’ll wear or the dress?”

“At some point, I’ve thought about it,” I affirmed. “But not lately. Well, let’s not get side tracked. Vicky, if you think Paul may propose soon, we gotta get your wedding gear ready.”

“But Rosalie, you still haven’t told me which one of those rings you love most….”

Theld her hands, “Vicky, we are here today for you. I’m only here to support you. You have to make the decision.”

“But…” For some reason, she seemed a bit stressed at my words. I figured she might have felt bad that I hadn’t picked anything. What she didn’t know was that, although I only owned one piece of jewelry, that was all I needed.

“So the question was, have YOU decided on which ring?” I smiled at her.


“Your Majesty,” Seraphine knocked at the door, “It’s the weekend. Why don’t you call it a day? Work is always there, and I’m not aware of any emergencies.”

I looked up at her and thought for a moment. “You’re right.”

“Also, Alpha Ethan is back, too, and he is waiting for you.”

I stood up immediately and couldn’t help the smile that crept up my lips, Ethan told me earlier today that he had some important meetings not far away from Mirage and might be late. It seemed that he finished everything early, Even though he was only away for a few hours, I had already started to miss him. It was great that it was the weekend, and I very much looked forward to spending some time with him and Rowan

“Thank you, Seraphine Enjoy your weekend too!”

After saying goodbye, I went in search of Ethan, whom I found contemplating one of the fountains that decorated the gardens of the palace.copy right hot novel pub

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