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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 220 Bonus (E&R) – The Next White Queen

Chapter 220 Bonus (E&R) – The Next White Queen

**Bantas POV

“Bavla were heret Otto’s cheerful voice rang beside me Music filled the air, children’s laughter rang above it, and everywhere people were talking and celebrating.

I couldn’t help but smile at how lively this royal palace had become

About two year ago, the White Queen returned to the Winter Forest pack along with Alpha King Ethan. Ever since then, the once quiet lonely palace was filled with laughter and happy spirits.

Eroht months later, a baby girl was born. And today, most people in the pack as well as some guests from far away were invited to the palace to celebrate the first birthday of the princess, sweet little Maeve.

As Otto held my hand and led me to the main building, I heard others chatting.

“Prince Rowan is so good with the little princess.” one maid said,

“Of course he is! He’s gentle and kind to everyone, let alone his baby sister. It’s hard to believe his father is the most fearsome Alpha King!” the other said.

“Not hard to believe at all. Haven’t you seen how doting King Ethan is to the queen and his kids? I can’t think of any other man who could be more tender than him towards his family!”

“Yeah, you’re right. The queen is so blessed.”

“Well, if anyone could deserve King Ethan, it has to be our queen!”

I smiled at their comments. The king and the queen certainly had all the love and respect from their people, as they should

*Otto,” I said to the young man next to me, feeling him swaying to the music. “Thank you for accompanying me here today

“Of course, Gayla! Without you, none of us would’ve survived. Also, today, I was appointed by the queen to take care of you. It’s my job!”

Otto had grown into a fine young man. I remembered the day when he got the notice that he was selected to be the royal guard to serve in the White Queen’s palace soon after they moved back. He was so over the moon with happiness and pride

He said that there were many great warriors he admired in the palace that he could train with and learn from. Sometimes, even King Ethan would give them coaching. However, what he loved to talk about most was a totally different side of the fierce Alpha King-a doting husband and father,

When his wife had been pregnant, he’d been seen picking flowers for her from the garden nearly every day to brighten her mood. When she was on bed rest for the last few weeks, he’d been by her side almost 24-7, catering every single need she might have.

In addition to that, he was always out and about with Rowan, teaching his son to be a warrior, a leader, and an honorable man

And now that King Ethan had a beautiful little girl, he was a proud papa. He’d carry Maeve around outside, pointing out different birds and showing her the flowers and other beautiful sights around the palace.

“He might be a strong warrior, but he was also a wonderful father, and I admired him in every way,” Otto said,

I loved hearing about the stories of the royal family as they always brightened my day.

From everything Otto described, little Maeve was definitely a daddy’s girl.

*Otto, do you see the princess anywhere? I’m sure she must be adorable today.”

“Oh, yes, she is! She’s toddling around in a pink dress, holding her brother’s hands. He’s so good with her, the little prince. Can you believe he’s five years old already?” Oito chuckled with glee.

*1 can believe it,” I told him. “When you are as old as I am, the passage of time becomes much more transparent Even young Otto has grown from a boy to a warrior”

“I still have lots to learn.copy right hot novel pub

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