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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 4: Familiarity Breeds an Heir

Chapter 4: Familiarity Breeds an Heir

It couldn’t be

Aaron bobbed his head at me, his curls falling over his face. “Maeve,” he said, his voice serious, nothing like the man! had met hours earlier. “You’re looking… well.”

I could see the smile hiding in the corner of his mouth. I glared, which surprised him, one of his dark brows arching.

Ernest was standing between us, looking from one to other expectantly, a wide, almost deranged smile plastered on his face. “This is just great!”

“Fantastic,” i murmured, not breaking eye contact with Aaron. “You’re quite changed, Aaron.”

Something passed over his face at that, a look of concern? I couldn’t quite make it out.

“It’s been ten years, if I remember correctly.” He took a step forward, looking down at me through a fan of dark lashes. “I would hope I look different than I did at what, fourteen?”

Oh yes, he looked different. The Aaron I once knew had been short, blond, and lanky, slightly behind in physical development compared to Rowan and his friends. Aaron had, in fact, gravitated toward me during his family’s visit to Winter Forest, shortly after his father had formed the Red Lakes pack in what was once the uninhabited forests in the Western Territory. Aaron hadn’t wanted to play warrior with Rowan and his friends. He mistook my gender for weakness, however. There would be no dolls or tea parties for Maeve that day.

i lifted my chin, squaring up to him. I didn’t know why I was suddenly so angry. I felt deceived, perhaps. I obviously didn’ trecognize him in the market. He must not have recognized me. Not until he heard my name, that is.

Something in his eyes told me not to mention that we had met earlier. I could see it written on his face. He was watching me closely, like prey, taking me all in.

No, this wasn’t the Aaron I remembered. Not at all.

“How is your father?” I asked formally. Ernest was beaming,

“Fine, as always,” Aaron said shortly, glancing over at Ernest. “He sends his regards, Alpha,”

Ernest looked as though he might burst into happy tears. I rolled my eyes.

“And to your father, of course. I look forward to meeting him in the future. Your family is doing a great service to Drogomor, a service that will see us see us bound together in peace for years to come.”

Aaron nodded shortly, his mouth twitching into a forced smile.

“And how nice it is that the two of you are friends.”

I thought for a moment that Ernest was about to reach out and take us both by the hands. I flinched as he turned to me, forcing a smile onto my own face. “Ernest,” I said lightly, not sure what else to say.

” have an early meeting in the morning, so I must retire. But please, sit down, get to know each other again.” He smiled eagerly, always the gracious hostess. I made my smile wider, knowing full well I looked delirious.

“Thank you, Ernest. Goodnight,” I said through gritted teeth. Ernest nodded a farewell to Aaron, then practically skipped out of the room, closing the door behind him.

“You!” I said, rounding on Aaron.


“You ran off the second you found out my name was Maeve: Why didn’t you say anything? Did you not recognize me?”

He laughed, once.

What would you like me to say, Maeve? I didn’t I didn’t recognize you, alright? And then it felt weird because you

Because we have to have sex.”

He raised his eyebrows, his eyes twinkling with mirth I could see the cutting, playful remark on his lips as he opened his mouth to reply, but I held my hand up to stop him,

“I’m being serious right now,” I said curtly, giving him a cold look

“Okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry about earlier today, too.” He took a step back then leaned against Ernest’s desk, crossing his arms over his chest.

We stared at each other, like we had done so many times before. I felt as though a silent conversation was passing between us, something I couldn’t yet decipher.

And his eyes.

How had I not noticed Aaron’s eyes when we were children? Surely I would’ve remembered something as rare as that

You have something on your face,” he said, matter-of-factly.

I reached up and touched my cheek, which was still oily from the thick salve.copy right hot novel pub

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