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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 44:Did She Say “Screw You”?

Chapter 44:Did She Say “Screw You”?

**Rosalie’s POV

The days seemed to pass in a blur after I got the confirmation from Vicky about Ethan’s secret plan.

And as much as I wanted to lay here day after day and cry my eyes out – I couldn’t.

Vicky and I had talked things over. Even though she didn’t tell me as much, I knew she had confronted Talon, because Talon stopped coming to check on me, and if we happened to be in the same room, he wouldn’t look me in the eye anymore.

“Rosalie?” Georgia’s voice intoned softly as she walked into my room. “I was coming to see if you wanted to go down for lunch. I’m meeting Vicky.”

Forcing a smile on my face, I turned to her.

I knew very well that Ethan didn’t want me to leave my room. And ever since I had arrived at the Drogomor pack, Thad made sure to comply with everything he asked me to. But, at this moment, I didn’t care.

“That sounds wonderful.” I replied, faking cheerfulness and following her out of the suite.

If I was going to die, then I was going to do it on my own terms, and live the rest of my life the way I wanted to.

I was grateful that I still could keep my friendships with Vicky and Georgia, but I wasn’t going to allow Ethan to make me feel like less than I was any more.

Walking down the halls, I saw Talon approaching us from the opposite direction. His eyes landed on us, and he turned to me.

“Hey, um, what are you doing?”

“She is-” Georgia started, before I cut her off.

“I am going to eat lunch with friends. Is there a problem with that?” | quickly said, meeting his gaze.

Talon seemed surprised by my outburst, his mouth opening and closing. He looked to Georgia silently asking for help, but she only shrugged her shoulders innocently.

In a voice I could barely hear, he replied, “You’re not supposed to leave your room…”

“Why, because Ethan said so? I’m pregnant, Talon. I want food and company. Both of which are in the restaurant downstairs,

I didn’t wait to hear Talon’s reply. Instead, I looped my arm through Georgia’s and started walking off with her.

She probably felt bad for Talon, so she patted him on the shoulder as if she was comforting him while we walked past. However, her gesture just seemed to make him even more tense.

After we’d gotten a few more steps away from Talon, Georgia rounded on me, surprised. “What the h*ll was that?”

Sighing, I turned to her, letting a small smile cross my lips.

“As you’ve told me before, I should come out of my shell a little.”

Georgia froze, then burst into laughter as we continued walking. “I knew I would teach you something useful eventually. I like it- a new Rosalie. It suits you.”

I wasn’t too confident that it did; in fact, I hated acting that way toward Talon. I knew that he’d tried to stand on my side that night, and he was duty-bound to obey Ethan. But still, the fact he’d known for so long. It hurt.copy right hot novel pub

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