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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 45: He Is Not My Alpha

Chapter 45: He Is Not My Alpha

**Rosalie’ POV

Lunch with Georgia and Vicky was lovely – being able to do the things I wanted to and not having to worry about following anyone’s orders was lovely.

However, the joy vanished as soon as I was by myself. My mind could not escape from the thoughts about Ethan.

How could he be so cold-hearted?

I didn’t know whether I would feel better or worse had he never shown me his gentleness. He gave me hope, but that made it worse. Never had anyone caused me so many emotions that I didn’t believe could co-exist – fear and pleasure, pain and… love.

The gentle ways he touched me showed me he cared, but he also acted as if the affection we had was nothing more than a business transaction.

Since the first day I met him, I was attracted to him. He saved me, he protected me, and he owned me. No matter what his decision was, I was foolishly and hopelessly in love with him.. even if he wanted to take my life.

I pondered over everything that had happened in my twenty years of life up until that moment. They weren’t easy, but I had learnt to live with tribulation, and I had survived.

Now that my days were counting down, I suddenly didn’t want to be my usual self anymore. I wanted to be treated like everyone else.

I would only live once, and I wanted more.

I slipped out of the restaurant and went back on my own.

Walking down the hall toward my room, Theard my latest guard calling my name as he ran towards me. “Miss Rosalie.. please wait.”

“Samuel, you don’t have to follow me around.”

He stopped behind me.

“Miss Rosalie, you know I can not disobey my Alpha.”

I stopped at my door and turned to face him. A smile crossed my face.

“You’re right. But he is not my Alpha.” “Say that again?!”

A deep, angry roar rang from inside of my suite.

I almost jumped when I saw Ethan march out of the room. His dangerous bearing made it obvious that he was in a terrible mood. Based on his suit, it seemed that he had just finished his business meeting.

It would be better if he had come by to check on me instead of the baby.

My mouth was partially open, but no words escaped it. Everyone there was horrified by my rebellious comment.



Chapter 45: He Is Not My Alpha

I didn’t explain myself, and lowered my head to greet him. The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped all of sudden.

I was nervous about Ethan’s anger, but I wouldn’t take back what I said.

“Mary and Samuel, you guys can go.” Talon hurriedly dismissed my maid and my guard, then turned to Ethan.

“Alpha, I have some files waiting for you to review.” He was trying to distract him.

“Leave us,” Ethan ordered, without sparing his beta a glance.

Talon seemed to freeze, as if searching for a way he could stay, but an order was an order. Finally, he sighed. “Yes Alpha. Your next meeting is in fifteen minutes.”

“Now!!” Ethan raised his voice slightly, and I could feel the rage was building in his tone.

Talon left, hesitantly, shooting me a worried look.

The main door clicked behind me. I knew I had to face Ethan on my own.

It had been a few days since I had truly interacted with him. I took him in. His brows were furrowed, his lips were tightly pressed together, and his blue eyes were tinted with gold flecks, showing his wolf was on the brink of pushing through

I tried to move past him, but he stepped closer to me, causing me to back up until the door was completely flush against my back.

With nowhere to go, I watched with wide eyes as he leaned toward me.

His breath fanned against my cheek, his firm ripped body pressed against mine, and his tone was dangerous.

“Say that again…” The growl laced in his tone made me tremble in fear.

“…” I moved my lips, but my throat was dry.

All of sudden, my mind and heart cried out that it was unfair.

He had no right to treat me like this!

I looked back at him firmly and made up my mind to assert my new outlook on life.

“I don’t need a babysitter all the time,” | said. I saw him raise his eyebrow but pressed on. “I am capable of getting to places unaccompanied.copy right hot novel pub

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