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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 46: Too Sweet

Chapter 46: Too Sweet

**Rosalie’s POV

My first ever fight with Ethan ended on good terms. I was no longer grounded in my room, but in return, I had a total of four guards with me at all times.

Georgia stuck her head around my door smiling at me. “You ready?”

I slid on my shoes and grabbed my bag. “Let’s go.” ;

The guards didn’t hesitate when I informed them Georgia was merely taking me on an afternoon walk on the ground floor like usual. Estrella made it known that exercise was important during pregnancy, and if I wanted easy labor, I would need to walk more.

“Georgia, where are we going? This isn’t the way…”

“Shhh! Do you not want to go to the market?”

“Excuse me?”


“It’s an outdoor space within the enclosure of the capital walls. The castle estate completely surrounds the market. Once a month, local people come to sell whatever they have to those of high society.

Georgia wasn’t known for being patient, and she clearly wouldn’t wait for me to decide. “Coming or not? I’ll go by myself if you quit.”

I thought about it for a moment. Ethan never said I couldn’t exit the castle building. The market was directly in the center of the estate, in its open courtyard. Plus, I did still have the guards…so I was probably OK to go?

“Let’s do it!” I concluded, all excited.

“Woah… sounds like I really needed to twist your arms,” Georgia commented, arching an eyebrow. “You do realize that he is going to lose his shit with you, right?”

I blinked at her innocently, and then explained, “Um

he said I just need to let him know.”

But we both knew he probably wouldn’t allow me to go to the market.

Georgia nodded with a huge grin, seemingly very proud of herself. “It’s better to ask forgiveness than seek permission. I’ve taught you well! Haha!”

When we got close to the gate, Georgia and I quickly took off in a quick jog towards the back stairs, which led down to the kitchens. From there, we could blend in with others as we made our way toward the market.

The guards realized where we were heading, but it was too late. When I glanced back, and one of them had left to report to Ethan.

Still, we are going to be in so much trouble.” Georgia laughed as we went through another door to come out under the open sky.

I stared up at the blue sky as I inhaled the fresh air. “I’ve missed being outside.”

“Let’s shop.” She let out a chuckle and pulled me towards the stalls.

It was loud at the market. I was amazed by the variety of products. Clothes, accessories, produce, fur and handcrafted products. I could have spent days going from one stall to the other.

“Rosalie!” Georgia called out, tossing an apple my way.

“Oh my goodness it’s so beautiful!” The gold and red colors swirled together; it was so unique compared to the regular, solid red ones I was used to in my home region.

“I bought it for you. Try it.” She smiled as I took a large bite, my eyes widening at its sweetness.

I mumbled with my mouth full, “This is amazing.”

As I did so, Georgia handed me a basket full of fruit – Oranges, grapes, peaches… they were so colorful and juicy, and I couldn’t wait to taste them all!

Engrossed as I was in enjoying my delicious snack, I didn’t notice that the people around us had quiet down.


Ethan’s dominating voice rang across the market. He wasn’t loud, but somehow, everyone heard him.

People stopped in their place and bowed their heads toward him out of respect.

“Busted,” Georgia mumbled to me as we both turned to face Ethan.

“Do you not have any sense of responsibility?!” Ethan scolded Georgia.

Georgia spared me an “l-told-you” glance.

It wasn’t right for me to hide behind Georgia. It was my own decision to come to the market.

I picked one grape from the basket and took a breath, then stepped towards Ethan.

“Ethan, I persuaded Georgia to come out with me,” I said, successfully drawing his attention to me. He wouldn’t do anything bad to a pregnant woman in public, right?

“Would you try this grape, please?”

Before he could turn down my offer, I shoved the deep purple grape into his mouth, forcing him to take a bite.

“Delicious, isn’t it?”

Georgia looked at me, wide-eyed.copy right hot novel pub

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