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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 50: What Am I Going To Do With You?

Chapter 50: What Am I Going To Do With You?

**Ethan’s POV

My mind had been full of a lot of things lately. With the war growing closer, and more of the outlying cities and villages being attacked, my warriors were stretched thin. James was persistent that we needed more troops, but my gut told me adding more men wasn’t the solution for the problem.

The enemy knew us too well.

Romero’s pack owned the islands between the East continent, which James ruled, and the West continent, where our enemy was located. It was crucial that we had his support, both for additional troops and for the permission to use his islands as a base of operations.

However, I was going to lose my godd*mn mind if I had to hear another word from Romero or his daughter.

I couldn’t believe that, with everything going on, I was basically being blackmailed into marrying a woman I couldn’t stand.

I knew that cunning old fox wanted to plant his influence in our kingdom, but something seemed off. I couldn’t trust him fully, and if I ever found out he had any intention to undermine the alliance, I would make sure I was the one to end his life.

And Rosalie. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Talon and I discussed.

I couldn’t let the same thing happen to me and my pack again.

But maybe she was different…

My wolf was on edge, and, slowly, the pressure was eating away at me.

I needed something, anything, to help take the edge off before tonight’s engagement dinner.

My feet carried me towards the suite I was supposed to be sharing with Rosalie. The echo of my footsteps reminded me that I was walking faster than I usually did. There were many eyes in this palace watching my every single move, so I slowed down my pace.

I sneered at myself. What was I anxious about, anyway?

Quietly, I opened the door and allowed myself to slide into our suite.

I heard her singing a soft melody, her voice flowing freely. My eyes searched for her throughout the living area before I realized that the sound was coming through her bedroom door.

Standing there, I closed my eyes listening to the sweet melody I didn’t recognize. The language was not one was familiar with, but it soothed my troubled mind.

Her singing just touched me in places that had been closed down for so long. It was as if a warm blanket fell over me and smoothed away all the negativity that had been there before.


Her voice snapped me back to reality, and I saw her at the bedroom door, staring at me. I had been so

enraptured by her singing I had not even noticed she had stopped.

“Um, I just want to check on you.” | cleared my throat.

“Oh-” Her eyes fell downwards. I noticed that there was yarn and needles in her hand, and it took me a moment to realize what she was doing.

She responded mildly, “I appreciate you coming by.” Her voice was gentle and soothing, just like her. Nothing she said gave offense… but I was not impressed by her flat greeting.

She used to react to my arrival a bit differently- sacred, excited… or even happy? Some sort of emotion, I wasn’t sure what.

But now she was so calm. Too calm.

I frowned.

She hadn’t seen me for some time now. I expected more from her- although, even I couldn’t articulate what exactly that was.

Finally, she smiled.

“Good to see you. It’s been a few days.”

My mood was better. Way better.

What she didn’t know was, while she might not have seen me for a few days, I had seen her every night.

I would get comfortable on the sofa late at night, for a few hours. Then I’d made sure I was up and gone before she awoke.

“Knitting?” I asked her, although it was quite obvious.

The only other woman I remembered seeing knit before was my grandmother when I was a boy, but she had passed not long after my father was killed.

“Uh, yes. I know that I will be gone after the baby is born, but I want to make something for the baby.. so that they can have a piece of me.

‘I will be gone…’

It just didn’t sound right to me.

Rosalie looked towards me quietly, seemingly waiting for my reply. I could see the pain and sorrow in her eyes she had the most innocent and beautiful eyes I’d ever seen, and that made my throat tighten.copy right hot novel pub

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