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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 53 She’s Gone

Chapter 53 She’s Gone

**Ethan’s POV

“This salmon is absolutely delicious,” Madalynn said.

She sat next to me, her body pushing against mine as she laughed at what another noblewoman was saying as if it was the most amusing thing in the world.

Outside, thunder rumbled, and a flash of lightning cast eerie shadows on the walls of the dining hall, causing the candlelight by which we dined to take on a haunting glow.

It wasn’t just the weather that was making me feel unsettled. Something wasn’t right, and I simply couldn’t place what it was.

Madalynn cleared her throat.

“Are you all right?” she asked, her breath warm on my face, making me frown. “You’ve hardly eaten a bite, and we’re on the third course.”

“I’m fine.”

I couldn’t help but think about Rosalie. I still didn’t understand why she hadn’t told me about the ultrasound. She had better explain herself to me later tonight.

For some reason, I felt a longing, deep down, to go to her, to make sure that she was well, that nothing was the matter with her or the baby.

But this was a dinner party in my honor. How the h*|| could I make an excuse and get up from the table? I was trapped there next to Madalynn.

Dinner seemed to drag on forever. Finally, the servants took away the plates, and people started to socialize. Laughter and music mixed with the thunder from the outside, making the night even more irritating.

I noticed Vicky and Georgia were talking in very low voices from a couple seats away. No one else would pay attention to them or be able to hear what they were discussing – except for me.

“… Rosalie… check. We can’t just leave, Georgia,” Vicky said in a hushed whisper.

“Sure we can watch.”

I frowned at Georgia’s reply.

Then she stood up, drawing attention to herself. “My dearest brother, as lovely as this dinner is, I feel as if the wine has gone to my head and would like to excuse myself. I would hate to embarrass you on your most special night.”

James was in a good mood, and he chuckled at Georgia’s words.

Normally, I would’ve scolded Georgia, but today, my instinct told me it would be best to have them go check on Rosalie. So I said, “Vicky, see that she gets there.”

“Of course, Alpha.” Vicky replied before looking back at Georgia, who kept a stoic face the entire time.

“Told you.” I heard Georgia whisper to Vicky as they walked by me with a smirk.

“You are too much sometimes…” Vicky commented.

Madalynn wasn’t paying attention, and didn’t notice their departure until they were out of the dinning hall.

“Where are they going?” she asked.

“To the bathroom,” I said without expressing any additional emotions.

A perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised over one eye. She didn’t believe me. I didn’t care.

After a few minutes, the soft murmur of conversation resumed. Another crack of lightning illuminated the sky. The loudest clap of thunder we’d heard yet had several guests lurching in their seats.copy right hot novel pub

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