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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 54 He Had A Knife

Chapter 54 He Had A Knife

**Rosalie’s POV

The rain picked back up as Damian and I ran around the exterior of the capital. It was pouring so hard, I could hardly see where we were going, but I kept my eyes on him and forced my feet to keep moving forward.

Faltering at this point wasn’t an option. I had to keep moving for my baby’s sake and for my own.

According to the plan, we would need to get out of Mirage first.

“This way,” Damian said, and I realized he was ushering me through a small door in the ground that reminded me of the cellar we had back home. I wouldn’t have even known it was there if he hadn’t tugged it open.

The door led down a flight of stairs to a narrow tunnel. Damian pulled a flashlight out of his pocket and illuminated the stone surface. At least it wasn’t raining down here.

“Where are we going?” I asked him as we ran along.

“The tunnel ends right before the wall,” he said. “We’ll have to climb over it.”

“And then what?” I asked, my heart pounding in my ears.

“Then… we’ll have to run for a couple of hours through the woods to a cabin. I hope your wolf is fast.”

I almost stopped running. “Wolf?” I said. “I can’t shift, Damian. I’m not twenty-one yet.”

He turned and looked at me, coming to a stop. “Sh*t,” he muttered. Shaking his head, he quickly adjusted his plan based on the news. “It’s fine. I’ll carry you.” Then he turned to face down the tunnel again.

Damian was running again, and I was struggling to keep up. “What about after we get to the cottage?” I asked him.

It took Damian a few moments to respond, as if he wasn’t quite sure what the plan was after that. But he had to know, didn’t he?

“After that,” he said, “we’ll head for the shore. There’s a boat leaving tomorrow morning for Suntra. It leaves from the east port at 10:00, and we’ll be on it.”


Suntra. I’d never been there before, but I’d heard it was a lovely place-a place where there were all kinds of people and it was easy to get lost. “Do we have money?” I asked.

Damian nodded. “Yes, I have money,” he replied. “You don’t need to worry about anything, Rosalie. I’ll take care of you.”

He turned and looked at me, slowing his pace slightly.

I met his eyes, and I wanted to believe him.

But what if this was all a ruse, and Madalynn was just trying to get rid of me-and my baby?

So far, Damian had proven himself to be on my side. If I was sincere and thankful to him, perhaps he’d see how much I wanted to live-how much I wanted my baby to live.copy right hot novel pub

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