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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 63 He Invited Me To Dinner

**Rosalie‘s POV Three days had passed since I had arrived at Avondale.. The island had lovely weather. However, I spent most of the time in my room. As Soren insisted, I needed to take it very slow for my recovery just to be safe, for the baby‘s sake. That was the doctor‘s order, as well. The lovely scent from the fresh flowers, the morning sun pouring in through the window to land softly on my blanket– everything was perfect, but it just felt irrelevant to me. I‘d gotten away from Ethan, and I had gotten the freedom that I wanted. So why wasn‘t I happy? I tried not to think about him, because every time I did, it felt like there was a huge weight on my chest and I could barely breathe. I had gotten this far, and I knew I should carry on with my new life– but my heart was telling me that it just needed a little more time. It was painful to be alone right now. I needed to find something to keep myself occupied so that I wouldn‘t think about Ethan. I sat up when I heard a knock at my door. In came the doctor, a very nice old gentleman. “How is my favorite patient doing today?” He chuckled. “I hope, much better.” “Yes, I do feel much better than I have, but I‘m still a bit sore.” I was being honest. The better he understood how I felt, the better he could help me with a speedy recovery. “Well, that is to be expected, my dear.” After checking my vitals and the wounds, he said, “You‘re doing well– in fact, your recovery is much faster than 1 anticipated–so no need to continue bed rest. However, I don‘t want you on your feet for too long. You don‘t need to overexert yourself.” I was nodding to acknowledge the doctor‘s words when I heard another knock at the door. “Miss Ro.” This time, it was a young female voice. “Please come in.” It was the housemaid Lola. She had a few books and magazines in her hands. “Oh, Doctor–sorry for interrupting!” “No worries at all! We are just wrapping up. Everything is on track, and Miss Ro should be all good in two or three weeks. I‘ll check back in early next week. Have a good day, ladies.” “Thank you, doctor!” Lola and I said at the same time. Then we exchanged a look and both giggled.copy right hot novel pub

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