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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 65: I Miss You

**Lilly‘s POV “It‘s all right, honey,” my mother said, smoothing my hair. “We‘ll be alright. Just stay quiet for a bit longer, and then the wolves upstairs will go, and we‘ll be safe.” I looked up at my mother and nodded, but wasn‘t sure I believed her. We had run down here, my older brother, my mother, and I, about an hour ago, when we‘d first gotten word from the village guard that there were unknown wolves spotted in the woods near our homes. Some of the other villages nearby had been attacked recently, so we‘d been on high alert. None of us had slept for the last few nights. We‘d heard that there were more warriors on the way to protect us, but so far, we hadn‘t seen any. Upstairs, the floor creaked, and some glass broke. I held my breath, terrified. I thought about all of my friends from school. Would I even be there tomorrow? We were supposed to have our seventh–grade assessments. It should‘ve been the last thing on my mind. “We should shift, Mom. Me and you need to be in our wolf forms,” whispered my older brother, Blake, who was twenty–two. “We need to be ready to run!” My mother hesitated, but I wasn‘t sure why. Then, when we heard the weight of paws closer to the door that led downstairs, she nodded. But before she shifted herself, she carefully lifted the cover to the vent next to us. It was our only chance of getting out undetected. She had an emergency bag she could scoop up and put on her back as a wolf. We could only hope that our father, who had volunteered to help with the village guard, would be okay, and we could meet up with him again somewhere down the line. “You run south, as fast as you can,” my mother instructed my brother. “Put Lily on your back, and do not look back. For anything,” she told both of us, looking us each in the eye. We both nodded. I knew that she‘d be able to talk to Blake using the mind–link once he shifted, but it wasn‘t the same. As quietly as he could, Blake shifted into his wolf form. I was surprised when I saw my mom gesture for me to pick up the backpack. I did as I was told, and Blake went first through the vent to the tunnel that led out of the basement. My mom nudged me to go next just as we heard more breaking glass and the sound of the door at the top of the stairs. Using the mind–link, my mom shouted, “Run! Run kids, run!” Blake and I ran through the tunnel. I kept my eyes on his tail. There was no room for me to get on his back down here. He came out of the forest ahead of me. He stopped as soon as we got out, and I climbed on top of him.copy right hot novel pub

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