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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 83: Will She Ever Forgive Me? **Ethan‘s POV

After my detour to the marketplace, I met up with my men at headquarters for a full report on the intelligence they had been able to gather. We needed to execute the mission and get out of here. However after thinking I saw Rosalie in the market today, I was not ready to leave this island until I investigated some more. Richard reported for his squad. “We saw a group of men near the docks, but we were unable to confirm for certain whether the target was one of them.” I took that information in and nodded. “And whether they were arriving on the island or leaving may change our plan.” “We believe he may have been leaving,” Richard continued. “We‘ll check out the situation tomorrow morning,” I told them. “As per the plan, we are scheduled to move forward and take out the target tomorrow. However, if he‘s not on the island, we‘ll have to wait for his return.” I looked around the room, and all of my men nodded in understanding. “We still haven‘t been able to get close to the mansion,” Richard added, “but we believe it is possible, despite the heavy guards. There is a large area in the back of the property which is likely our best bet.” I nodded, giving my approval for him to move forward with his plan. The others reported, and I listened, but I was restless. The wolf within me wanted just as badly as I did to seek out our woman and our child. Finally, evening had arrived, and I released my men to get ready for their tasks tonight. I found myself outside, walking around on the beach. Suddenly, I felt that pull deep within me again. This time, it was even stronger than before, and I couldn‘t ignore I had to follow it. Before I knew it, I‘d already followed it through the town, between trees and over hills, along the outskirts of other properties and homes. Tlfound myself standing near the complex where the target lived. But I wasn‘t at the front, near the mansion.copy right hot novel pub

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