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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 87 Ethan…Apologized?! 

“Ouch!” I took a step backward, rubbing my forehead, trying to sort out in my mind what had just happened. “I‘m sorry, Rosalie!” he whispered, and for a moment, I thought I had to be mistaken. I thought it was Ethan I had run into. It smelled like him. It felt like him. When I glanced up at him through my eyelashes, it looked like him. But when I heard those two words come from between his lips, I thought I had to be mistaken, and Soren must‘ ve come back early from his trip. There was no way in the world that Ethan would‘ve told me he was sorry about anything. “Are you all right?” he asked me, still keeping his voice quiet. I pulled my hand away from my forehead and gazed at him. The moonlight fell over him like a lighthouse beacon, calling me home. I couldn‘t allow myself to fall for this siren‘s song. “Y–yes. I‘m okay,” I grumbled in a low voice. “Not that you care.” I was just glad I‘d whipped around head first and hadn‘t hit my baby bump against his muscular physique. “Why are you here?” His eyes widened as if he was hurt by my question. “I came to see you,” he said, moving toward me. “Don‘t!” I put up my hand and took a step back, and he didn‘t move any closer to me. “I don‘t understand why you‘re here at all, Ethan.” He sighed. “Rosalie, all that time, everyone was trying to convince me that you and the baby were dead, but I knew in my heart that you weren‘t. I had to see for myself that you weren‘t.” I folded my arms under my chest. “Well, you‘ve seen it. Here we are. Not dead.” He pressed his lips together, and I saw his jaw flex, which let me know he was debating how to respond. “You‘ve changed, Rosalie.copy right hot novel pub

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