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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 88 Ethan, Do You Know Soren? 

**Ethan‘s POV I stood there with the necklace extended, waiting for Rosalie to tell me whether or not she would accept it. She just stood in the moonlight, and she didn‘t move. Thad never seen her as angry as she was a minute ago, when she had yelled at me and told me how she had felt about things back then. I certainly couldn‘t blame her. She had every right to be mad at me. In fact, she should‘ve been even angrier than she was. If it had been me in her shoes, I would‘ve been cursing and probably attacked the person before me. The fact that Rosalie only yelled and didn‘t punch me was a testament to her good nature. But I saw in her eyes as she stared at me, looking from the necklace that she sold to my face and back again, that she was not ready to accept my apology. She was not ready to forgive me, and I shouldn‘t have expected her to. It was wrong of me to assume that she could move on so quickly after what I did. After all, I was going to have her put to death after our baby was born. Not only was I going to end her life, but I was also going to sentence our child to a life without their mother. I suddenly felt the very real possibility that she might refuse me. With this realization, I was stricken with panic. I needed to do something before she could turn me down. “Rosalie,” I say, withdrawing the necklace, “you don‘t have to decide right now. I recognize that it‘s too soon. I’m sorry that I put so much pressure on you to give me an answer immediately. That wasn‘t fair of me. I will give you the time you need and deserve to decide… but I would like to continue to see you.” Again, before she could say anything I was afraid to hear, I added, “Please.” “Who are you?” she finally said, her brow furrowed. “The Ethan I know would‘ve never, ever apologized twice in the same night.” I looked down at the ground, rubbing the toe of my shoe into the soft soil of the garden for a moment, not sure how to respond to that. She was right.copy right hot novel pub

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