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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 89: Open or Closed?

**Rosalie‘s POV “Do you know Soren?” I asked Ethan. I should‘ve asked this question much sooner, but I was very used to seeing Soren, so their similarity no longer bothered me. And the past few days, I‘d been so distracted that this question never came to mind… until just now. Ethan and Soren looked alike… was there any relationship between them, or was this purely coincidence? He looked at me, and his eyes filled with a mix of emotions. Ethan finally replied, “I know him now.” I looked at him in confusion, not quite understanding what he meant. He smiled bitterly, and looked at me with a heartbroken expression on his face. “He‘s my rival in love.” Thad not expected that to be the answer, and was struck dumb for a moment. Then, I felt my face beginning to heat up, and I heard myself trying to explain, “He… he‘s a good friend of mine!” Why did I feel the need to explain myself to him?! Ethan visibly relaxed a bit, and the corner of his lips turned up slightly. “I’m glad he was here to help you when you needed him,” he said. I let out a deep breath, feeling relieved. Soren never mentioned anything about his family, and I didn‘t remember hearing about Ethan having brothers when I was back in the Drogomor pack. It was just that I had a strange feeling that I was missing something, so wanted to be sure. “What sort of trouble did you have when you got here?” Ethan asked. It was obvious that he didn‘t want to talk about Soren any more. Was he… jealous? “I was robbed. It was awful.” Ethan was immediately nervous. “Were you hurt? Are you okay now? And the baby?” “Yes, we‘re fine now,” I smiled. “Thanks to Sor.. my friend, and the doctor he provided us with.” Feeling uncomfortable talking about Soren after what Ethan had said, I stood up from the swing. “Really, Ethan, / need to go,” I said, walking towards my cottage. “Rosalie!” His voice stopped me in my tracks.copy right hot novel pub

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