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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 91: Do Not Doubt Me, My Love

**Ethan‘s POV I looked her in the eye, and repeated myself firmly. “I can‘t, not anymore.” I glanced at the bump on her belly, and gestured at the swing hanging between the flower bushes. “Can we sit down somewhere?” I was sure she would get tired. She nodded. The two of us went over to the swing, and I held it still for her to sit down. I kept my feet flat on the ground as I leaned forward towards her. It took me some time to get myself ready for a conversation like this. I wasn‘t good at sharing my thoughts, but I knew I had to. Rosalie was right next to me. She looked like some breathtaking being from a fairytale. Under the moonlight, she was even more pure and beautiful. Thad caused so much suffering for her, perhaps more than anyone else– yet she was still willing to sit with me and hear me out. A long time ago, terrible things had happened in my life that were difficult to get through. Thad built a huge wall around my heart. I‘d had no choice. If I hadn‘t, I probably wouldn‘t have survived all of the pain. I glanced up at her. She was just quietly sitting there, not rushing me. “Rosalie,” I started slowly, “For a long time, my heart has become nothing but a stone sitting in my chest.” Llooked into the distance. Talking about myself was hard, especially to her. “I told myself that was a good thing, and I truly believed so.” It didn‘t need to feel pain, and it was safe. She nodded, showing that she was listening to me. “I needed an heir, so I went to seek a…” I didn‘t want to say that word again. Rosalie was not my breeder. She was so much more. However, she said it for me. “A breeder. And then?” I felt like I‘d been stabbed in the heart, but I continued, ‘Then I met you…” My eyes locked on her. I remembered the first time we met. She was trembling under my touch. She was afraid of me. But now, she was sitting here calmly.copy right hot novel pub

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