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Alpha Loren

Chapter 51 I Told You So

November 4th

"Regained consciousness. Going to be okay," Leo said eventually. Bella slumped into Lisa's arms who already had her hand joined to Lia's.

"Thank God," Bella breathed as Maria joined the hug.

"I'm sorry about earlier Leo. I was just upset about Elena," Maria said leaving her sisters and going over to her eldest brother.

"That's alright, but I still go by what I said, understand? No secret training or going behind my back okay?" he said pulling Maria into a hug. She nodded her head in agreement, which surprised me a little.

That doesn't seem like Maria. She just gave into him. She can't be serious, surely?

As Maria turned to go back upstairs, I got her eye and she winked before disappearing out of the room.

Of course she isn't.

"When can we go and see her Leo?" Bella asked, hopefully.

"Maybe after you've had some sleep," Leo said.

Ten minutes later all four girls had gone upstairs to their beds leaving Leo and I in the kitchen. It was the morning but nobody had slept all night.

"Do you not have anything to do?" I asked as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I just wanna cuddle for a bit, I've barely seen you all night, I also don't know whether you are aware that Ayas warriors freed the prisoners in the northern prison?" Leo said. "That could mean that Max is lurking around on my territory somewhere."

"He's not. I came across him in the woods and he told me he was going far away from here and you," I answered skipping out the bit about Milly, who Leo clearly didn't know the existence of.

"He didn't...copy right hot novel pub

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