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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 126: Escaped Again

Chapter 126: Escaped Again

**Rosalie’s POV

The revelations that Seraphine had shared with me were unsettling, to say the least. I had no idea what to do now.

It would be one thing for me to try to confront Soren if I was by myself. If I only had myself to think of, perhaps one of the nights that he came to visit shortly after my son was born, I could’ve asked him why he did all of the things that he did.

I could’ve told him that I knew he’d arranged for me to be brought to him, for me to be beaten, and for all of the other incidents that had happened to me that he’d described as kismet to have taken place all along.

But I had this precious bundle to worry about now, and Soren was the most powerful person on the island. It wasn’t smart to make him mad. I had to be careful.

A few days after my baby was born, I sat in the nursery, rocking him, right after he’d finished eating. Being able to provide everything that my son needed was so satisfying. I knew that, as his mother, I could do something no one else in the world could do for my child, at least not as well as I could.

I loved to stroke his precious little head. He had dark hair like his father, and even though it was thin and still coming in, it was one of the things about him that reminded me of Ethan.

His blue eyes reminded me of his father, too.

So did his nose and the way he grunted when he was upset,

I knew that as long as I was with my child, there would be no escaping the memory of his father, and since I never, ever wanted to be without my son, I was going to have to get used to embracing the painful memories that went along with

all of the joyful ones Ethan had brought me.

Like this beautiful boy.

But I hadn’t decided what to name him. I wanted something meaningful, something that would unite both of our names the way that our child had united us. However, I hadn’t thought of a perfect name yet. Maybe deep down, I didn’t want to name him by myself.

I sighed, perhaps no matter what had happened between us, I had loved his father and wanted him to have a say in his child’s name.

As I sat there, gazing at his adorable face, Seraphine came into the nursery, a serious expression on her face.

I looked up at her, my eyebrows raised. “What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“We need to go.”

Four words. That’s all she said, and I could tell by her tone that she was in a rush: “Excuse me?” I asked her.

“Now. He’s off the island and will be for the next day or so. I have it all arranged. It wasn’t easy, but now is the perfect time. I can get you off of the island and safely to the north if we leave right now, but if we wait much longer, our window of opportunity will close, and we won’t be able to get out.”

All I could do was stare at her. I wasn’t prepared to go, even though I understood what she was saying and why she was saying it.

I knew that Soren had lied to me, that I couldn’t trust him, and that he had no idea that I was aware of his deceit, which was difficult for me because I had so much trouble not letting my true feelings show. He hadn’t been here too much

since I found out, so it hadn’t been much of an issue, but it would be.

And now that I had my baby here, I had to be even more diligent because I couldn’t let anything happen to my baby.

“I don’t know, Seraphine,” I began, looking down at the baby “Maybe we should wait until the baby is a little older….”

“Princess Rosalie,” Seraphine said, her voice strict, like she was my mother, trying to talk some sense into me. “The last time Soren was here, he told you he was going to the frontline to fight, didn’t he?”

“Rosalie please. I’m not a princess.” I corrected her, and then I nodded. Soren had mentioned that when he was there just a few days ago. He had told me he was going off to fight this time and wouldn’t be back for a while.

He’d said he would be fighting against Ethan…

I hadn’t dwelt on it because it was too much for me to think about Ethan or Soren being in danger, even after what they had done to me.copy right hot novel pub

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