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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 186 Ethan’s Sacrifice 

**Ethan’s POV The moment Talon saw me, his eyes filled with terror. “Goddess! Ethan, what happened to you?!” I didn’t answer him, “Talon, send some guys over there to bring Soren back, now!” “Yes, Alpha!” “Also, Behar’s troops are down by half. Ask Landon and Vandough to go after them. Their morale is de stroyed, and this is our best chance to eliminate as many of them as we can!” I was too beaten up to fight, however, I could still lead. Others were obviously worried about my wounds, but we were in the middle of a battle, and there was no time for distraction. “Yes, Alpha!” Talon ran off. “Thank you, Thomas,” | said. As soon as he dropped me off, he turned around and joined the team headed across the footpath to retrieve my brother. The last time I had seen him, he was facing off against Behar, but I couldn’t see him now. I couldn’t see either one of them. Commander Landon took charge of half of our forces. He sent them around the edge of the trench to rout the enemy forces that were already on the run. General Vandough, who was on the other side of our line, did the same. It was clear that we were winning. In a matter of an hour, the enemy was running from the field and try ing to keep out of the clutches of our warriors. We had to have taken out the majority of the men led by Behar, which would be more than half of the enemy’s overall forces. With losses like this, any military leader would have to take a step back to re-eval uate the strategy Their morale had to be especially low as many of them were afraid there were more traps. I saw trepi dation in their eyes. I couldn’t help but smile. I saw one of the troops I’d sent after Soren coming back. Georgia had arrived, standing next to me. Her eyes were full of concern, I figured both for my horrible wounds and for Soren’s absence. “Did you find him?” I asked the soldier in wolf form. He shook his head. Using the mindlink, he said, ‘No, not yet, sir.’ “D*mnit,” I muttered aloud. “Keep looking for him! Get every man available to look for him!”

The wolf turned and ran back the way he’d come. Georgia helped me to keep my balance.copy right hot novel pub

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