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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 189 Ethan’s Acquaintance

Chapter 189 Ethan’s Acquaintance

“The battle is nearly over now,” Georgia said behind me, her voice jarring me out of a stupor. I hadn’t heard her come back.

Since it didn’t take long at all, I assumed, “It went well?”

She grinned. “It was likely more of a scouting party than an actual battleline this time. There weren’t many of them, and once we counterattacked, they dropped back.”


“Minimum,” she said firmly.

I relaxed a bit. “I’m glad it ended, and that you are all unharmed,” I noted, and I tried to smile at her.

“Yeah, thanks to Ethan’s crazy *ss plan, Behar and Madalynn lost a sh*tload of their warriors.” Georgia had a crooked smile on her face, despite the fact that I could see worry in her eyes about her brother.

“What exactly did Ethan do?” I heard bits and pieces of the overall war status, but I would need details. | glanced over to look at Ethan, but I knew I also needed to catch up with everything that occurred since ! fell into a coma.

Georgia shook her head and said, “Basically, he used himself as bait. But if you want more details, you’ I have to ask Soren.”

Ever since I woke up, I had seen quite a few people, but not Soren.

“Where is Soren? Is he okay?” I remembered then that earlier Georgia had said he was back.

Georgia replied, “He’s here, back in the palace, but he is wounded.” Seeing my concerned face, she added quickly. “But he is okay, still alive. They bandaged him up and gave him some medicines. He will just : need to rest for the time being.”

I let out my breath in relief. “I’ll go check on him then.”

But Georgia stopped me. “Wait a moment, Rosalie.”

I looked at her, puzzled.

“The reason I came to get you is because there are people outside who want to speak to Ethan.”

I was shocked to see how many people were gathered in the courtyard. Most of them were women and children, and all of them were skinny and dirty.

Georgia explained to me, ‘They escaped from Behar’s compound, and they are the ones who brought Soren back.”

My eyes widened. If they were on the enemy’s side, why would they save Soren?

Talon, Vicky, and Paul were already there, along with Seraphine and Cerina.

“It’s the White Queen!” A murmur went over the crowd, and everyone lowered their heads to show their respect,

I lifted my hand and waved at them.

“Your Majesty.” Cerina and Seraphine greeted me as Cerina gestured toward a young man and an older

woman. The woman seemed to be sightless based on the way she was looking into the distance.

I stopped in front of them. The young man was nervous, so I smiled at him, hoping to make him relax a little bit.

“Thank you for saving Soren.” I started the conversation with a friendly tone. “Your…Your Majesty!” The young man lowered his head.

“No need to stand on ceremony.” I led the two of them a little away from the crowd so that it would be easier for me to hear what they had to say. “How may I address you?”

The young man answered nervously, “My name is Otto, and this is Gayla, our pack Seer.copy right hot novel pub

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