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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 200: Who’s Lying Now?

Chapter 200: Who’s Lying Now?

I saw Behar was at the front of the incoming wolves and Madalynn ran straight toward him. She must have told them that we’d got reinforcements, so they’d sent theirs in, too.

A group of Behar’s wolves started to move in our direction, and we were outnumbered again.

Rosalie was after Madalynn, and I knew I needed to stop her right away.

“Rosalie, come back!” I shouted again, and tried to persuade her not to run into the enemies’ ambush. “Madalynn was lucky this time, but they’d be back! We’ll get them next time!”

That time, she seemed to finally hear my words and she turned around to look at me.

Her eyes fell on me, and I could tell she was staring at my ugly wounds all over my upper body. Her gaze was gentle, and I could tell she was worried.

Was she worried about me, or worried about her son’s father?

I covered myself with some clothes so that she would need to see those wounds. I hated how it felt. I hated that I was weak.

It should be my job to protect her, but here she was, fighting in my stead.

She walked over and gently bumped me with her front right shoulder. It was time for us to return before Behar and his guys caught up to us. However, I wasn’t able to shift.

Rosalie’s concerned wolf eyes focused on my face to see if I was okay.

“Don’t worry, Rosalie,” I said. “You’re not going to be rid of me just yet. I’m just tired.”

“Get on one of your wolves’ back,’ Georgia said to me through the mindlink. ‘Unless you want Rosalie to give you a ride.”

Not arguing with my little sister, whose tone conveyed that she was angry with me at the moment, I climbed onto the back of one of my men, while Georgia hopped on Rosalie’s.

The way back to camp was easy as our enemy also knew that it wasn’t their best time to attack either,

Without the immediate crisis chasing us, I couldn’t help but admire how gorgeous Rosalie was. She was smaller than many she wolves, but so fast. And her brilliant white fur gleamed in the fading sun. Even though her fur was stained slightly by blood and dirt, I still couldn’t find other words to describe her other than pure and innocent and beautiful.

However, bitterness spread within me.

After yesterday’s conversation about Soren, she seemed to avoid me as much as possible. Though I didn’t blame her for what she said, it didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.

I wished it was me who went to the islands to execute the tasks instead of Soren. That way, hopefully she wouldn’t see me as much of a monster.

And now, today, I’d fallen into the enemy’s trap so stupidly, and she’d had to rush over to rescue me!

I didn’t want to know what she was thinking about me right then-probably that I was just an arrogant, heartless, stupid, and weak *sshole. I sighed bitterly.

We approached the camp, and I thought I should say something to her. I wanted to be with her, even if it was under the guise of just being friends.

But as we got close, a swarm of people came rushing at her. She had her responsibilities and priorities, and I knew I wasn’t either of them.

She turned and looked over her shoulder at me, as if asking whether I would be okay. I couldn’t bring myself to be a burden and I gave her a reassuring smile. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Go do your thing.”

She hesitated for a moment then headed back to her tent. I figured she would shift and get changed there.

Georgia went in another direction and we followed. Before I knew it, the wolf I was riding had deposited me at the tent reserved for healing

“I’m fine!” I told her as I swung my leg down off of the warrior’s back.

“Let them check you out!” Georgia said, narrowing her eyes at se.

Knowing now was not the time to argue with her and have her screaming at me, I went inside and took a cot, waiting for the healers to have a chance to come and look at me. They were all busy elsewhere, which was fine. I didn’t need anything but a few minutes of rest.

Seeing that I was just waiting, Georgia’s eyes narrowed as she stopped next to my cot, her arms folded. “What the actual h*ll, Ethan?”

I glared at her. “What are you talking about?

“I cannot believe you are that stupid!” she barked. “Did you really think Rosalie could allow herself to get taken prisoner by f*cking Madalynn? And did it not occur to you that, if that b*tch in the cage had been Rosalie, you would’ve felt the mate bond to her?”

I wasn’t in the mood to argue.copy right hot novel pub

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